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My Rolex Submariner Purchase Experience

Updated on June 11, 2011

The Magnetic Force of A Rolex Submariner

It was April 16th, 2008 when I purchased a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner for my husband for our 15th wedding anniversary. I had no plans on this particular day to make such a purchase, but something magnetic pulled me into the upscale jewelry store at the King of Prussia Plaza in King of Prussia, PA.

Our 15th wedding anniversary was only a week away and I still had no idea what to buy my husband. What do you buy your husband for a milestone anniversary? Yes, you can go with the traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift of crystal (crystal?) or go with the modern anniversary gift of glass or watches. To tell you the truth, I didn't know the modern alternative even existed, and I certainly didn't know one of the options was a watch until a few days after the purchase was made. Maybe that was the magnetic feeling I got that day that made me stop at that jewelry store as they just opened up their doors.

The Submariner Calls Out To Me

I was approached immediately by an attractive woman who asked if she could help me. Well, I didn't know because my feet were in charge at this moment and my visit to the store was unexpected. I couldn't tell her to ask my feet, so I said, "I would like to see your Rolex's." Did I really say that?

The woman took me to a long case filled with Rolex's. The security guard positioned at the far end of the store took a few steps closer to us. Yes sir, keep an eye on me because I'm not sure what I'll say or do next! I'm a person of mystery (at least to myself) and could be worthy of chasing down with a $12,000 Rolex dangling from my fingers!

She showed me the Rolex's on the far right of the display case. "These are the "sportier" Rolex's (so I'm to assume the cheaper ones). Would he be interested in a sporty version?" Knowing my husband quite well after fifteen years, I'm certain he has never thought...hmmmm...."If I were to get a Rolex, would it be sporty or flashy?" So for fun, I asked her to show me the fancier Rolex's. She led me in the opposite direction towards the other end of the display case where the "fancier" Rolex's were kept. Let me tell you, it was a long and glorious walk. There were rows of both men's and ladies Rolex's, screaming out to me, "Look at me! I have diamonds! Wouldn't I just look luxurious on your husband's wrist?!" Yes, you would, I thought. But my husband's wrist looks just fine without the price tag of a small car wrapped around it!

I stopped suddenly somewhere in the middle of our journey to the "other end" and there it was--the Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner. It was beckoning to me to take a closer look. "I'd like to see this one," I told the woman. She opened the door to the case as the security guard edged closer. She took the watch out and handed it to me. What a beauty! It was a watch steeped in history (it also had its' Hollywood debut in 1962 on Sean Connery's wrist in the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. For all you entertainment buffs, the Submariner starred in a total of eleven James Bond films), a watch that has gone through numerous model variations, continuously improving upon perfection.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner

I Think The Submariner Has Found A Home

As I gently took the watch from her hand, I stared at its' handsome face. What a gorgeous watch! I looked at the price tag and noticed that it was over what I wanted to pay (did I actually have a price in mind? Who put that in my head?) but not by that much. I thought to myself what a great gift this would be and how surprised my husband would be. He's not a flashy guy but does dress impeccably. He does wear a nice watch already that we bought on vacation for our tenth wedding anniversary, but nothing as fine as the Rolex Submariner. He definitely could afford this watch and deserved it for everything he does for the kids and me. In addition, I wanted him to know that it was OK to have this watch. It wouldn't be a purchase he would ever make, on his own because he would think he was spending extravagantly on himself, and that he wouldn't be able to justify it. But Oh! How he would love this watch!

I told the woman to put it aside as I looked at a couple of other Rolex models. With each one, she held it up close to the Submariner--but for only a moment as only one Rolex could be taken out of the case at a time. Was the security guard doing his job and making sure the rule was adhered to? Not completely.

After my "comparison shopping" was exhausted, the Submariner stood alone. Nothing could compare. It was everything I thought my husband would want in a Rolex watch: a classic design, a masculine look, superb functions and features, and a history of quality Swiss watchmaking.

So with an "I'll take it," this Submariner had found its' home.

The Gift

I thought I would surprise my husband with the Submariner days before our anniversary, on the night of our son's school Gala. I planned to give it to him just as he was finishing getting dressed. I thought I could say, "You look great, but you know what would look great with that outfit?" And then hand him the elegantly wrapped Rolex box. That's how I planned it. However, as my husband was finishing getting dressed, my hair was up in hot rollers, and I was wrapped in one of those unattractive towel dresses (however ladies, I did have makeup on so not all was lost!)--Not quite the romantic scene I had planned! Oh well, I rolled with it anyway, said my planned, "You look great, but you know what would look awesome with that outfit?" and handed him the box. He was totally surprised and asked, "What have you done?"

As he unwrapped the box his hands were shaking. He slowly opened the box and when he saw the Submariner he was speechless (I do believe a tear came to his eye--yes, a Rolex Submariner can have this affect to even the most manly of men). Needless to say, he was overcome with joy and disbelief. He quickly went from, "You shouldn't have," to "Thank you so much!"

He took the watch from its' box and with hands still shaking, fumbled with the bracelet to try it on. It looked great on him, but why shouldn't it? A Rolex Submariner will spruce up any man's wrist, giving him that boost of confidence, making him hold his head a bit higher, and offering only what a touch of luxury can do to the soul.

The power of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. Somehow it's just.......magnetic!

One More Thing....

For everyone that has read my other hub titled, "Best Deals On New and Pre-Owned Rolex Watches From Trusted Ebay Powersellers," and is wondering why I didn't buy my husband's Rolex from one of these trusted Rolex dealers that I recommend, let me just say--that was my plan. I had done my research and all I had to do was make my move. However, I was still unsure that my anniversary gift to my husband would be a Rolex. I had no other gift alternative, but I still hadn't completely made up my mind (I am such a procrastinator!).

If I was going to buy him a Rolex, I had every intention of purchasing the Rolex Submariner on eBay. I buy and sell on eBay on a regular basis, and thoroughly enjoy it. I did not plan on buying a Rolex that day (Remember the magnetic force that pulled me into that store?). Staring into the cases filled with all those wonderful watches, it hit me that giving my husband his anniversary gift on the night of my son's school Gala would be really cool. The Gala was only a couple of days away and if I was going to make it happen, I needed to move fast. Let me just add, I did NOT get a deal on the Rolex I bought for my husband; I paid full retail price (OK--you can stop laughing at me now). The only good thing about the deal was that the jewelry store offered eighteen months interest-free financing.

If you are in the market for a Rolex but do NOT want to pay full retail price, do check out my hub "Best Deals On New and Pre-Owned Rolex Watches From Trusted Ebay Powersellers," and DO plan ahead!





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      6 years ago

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      8 years ago

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      9 years ago

      Hey ! I almost forgot to mention, for all the other readers out there. If you need more information, before you purchase your next Rolex you can find all the facts, videos and more at

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Oh, I would would marry you over and over again, if I was bought a Rolex Submariner for our 15th wedding anniversary. Great article and awesome job eighteen months interest-free financing. Its always nice when you can use other peoples money to make your purchases.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

    • mmiller profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      You're too funny!

    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 

      10 years ago from Queensland Australia

      I would love you forever too !


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