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The Best 2010 Spring Men's Fragrances

Updated on July 22, 2014

I thought I would put down on paper (0’s and 1’s, fonts etc) what my top 5 spring fragrances for 2010 were. Strange as it sounds, none of my favorites were released in 2010. It doesn’t take a CSI detective, based on my choices to see I have a thing scents that feature at least one (or more) citrus notes.

I imagine the reason for this is citrus essential oils generally have an uplifting effect on most folks, myself included. Citrus based frags tend to help my work day go by little faster. I have also noticed that some women I’m around tend to relax just a little bit more when I wear a fresh citrus based cologne as opposed to one that doesn’t feature citrus notes.

So one to my top 5 Favorite List

Givenchy Play for Men
Givenchy Play for Men

5. Givenchy Play- Play introduced in 2009 is classified as (I’m sure you already know) a citrus or fruity scent that is great as a casual scent. A casual scent is one that will work well at work, in class or anywhere that you are around people for a good portion of the day. Not strong enough to get you glares and stares but strong enough to be noticed. A casual frag is also a good scent to think about on a first date, coffee etc.

The down side in my experience is this cologne’s lack of longevity. The cologne rushes through the notes and is usually gone in a couple of hours. For that reason, Givenchy Play finds itself at number 5 on my list

4.Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme-L’Homme released in 2006 is classified as a woody scent. Other reviews suggest this scent is a good romantic scent. I don’t disagree with their reviews but this cologne finds itself in my collection as a casual scent.

This is great spring cologne for me but the life of this cologne in the EDT concentration seems to be a little short on me. I find I have to reinforce my earlier sprays within about 3 hours. It’s possible it’s the bottle I got hold of. I’m thinking I’ll hook myself up and pick up another bottle from my Doba account and give this cologne another test.

3.Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue-D&G Light Blue released in 2007 is classified as a classified as a citrus scent ideal for casual use. I find this scent fills dual roles as a casual and a romantic scent. A scent I consider for romantic use is one that can be worn on a dinner date or some other close one on one event that ranks above simply going out for the cliché coffee meeting. I believe the musk in base notes makes this possible.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue does well as a fresh spring scent for me because and ranks number 3 due to the multiple citrus notes it carries. This scent lasts longer on me than the first two colognes. About six hours later, this cologne is still going strong.

2. Millesime Imperial by Creed- Millesime Imperial by Creed released in 1995 was a scent created for a king. A Saudi king, I imagine he felt if this cologne ranked high on The Scentimental Brotha’s top 5 list, this is the cologne for him ;)

Millesime Imperial by Creed is classified by some as a casual fruity scent, others classify it as a romantic of evening scent. This is a true multi-role cologne that can fill all three niches perfectly. This fragrance borders on being too heavy for work or school but does very well in settings where a stronger cologne is called for. Setting such as a bar or as I have discovered, a restaurant that features a wood burning grill, a Japanese steak house or any other place a cologne has to compete with stronger than normal cooking smells.

This is a mature cologne.  That is to say this isn’t the typical cologne one would smell in the lunch room or dorm. This cologne hints at the maturity level of the man who is wearing it. Am I saying this is an old cologne, no, just mature.

The young guy that can wear Millesime Imperial is the guy who will stand out above the guy wearing Aqua Di Gio (a great cologne) or God forbid some product that features the name Axe. Standing out will get you noticed.

Of the colognes I’ve talked about so far, this cologne has a very long life. I’ve sprayed this cologne on before going out on the town only to smell it later at the 24 hour breakfast grill. 

1.Eternity by Calvin Klein- Eternity by Calvin Klein released in 1989 is my number one choice for a spring 2010 scent. It’s no surprise that my top two scents are those that have been out for 15 years or more. 

Eternity by Calvin Klein has stood the test of time. Once in a lurch, I sprayed from a friend’s bottle he picked up 10 years ago. I expected it to be nothing but alcohol but was surprised to find it smelled the same as my more recent purchase. Not sure how that worked out as fragrance houses some times change formulations for various reasons.

Eternity by Calvin Klein by lasts as long as my number two pick, Millesime Imperial by Creed. I’ve gone a full work day plus drinks afterwards to find this cologne is still doing its thing.


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    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 7 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks for the reviews! I now know enough to make an informed choice. :D