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NBA All Star Weekend Sneaker Rundown

Updated on February 18, 2018
Ian Barron profile image

Charles Ray Lee (Also known as Ian Barron) is a teenager living in the middle of nowhere who loves urban culture, sneakers, and fashion.

Bape collabs with Adidas on the Dame 4

The Dame 4 is a very underrated silhouette in the Adidas basketball line, so it is refreshing to see Adidas and Bape revamp the shoe with very present signs of Bape's signatures. The shark teeth, Bape camo, and hidden apes help the shoe stand out from the other Bape collab shoes. The shoe has a lot of hype behind it, and sells for around 325 dollars on goat (with the black camo variant going for 1,000+ USD) Definite cop for Bape or Adidas fans.

Adidas x Bape Dame 4


The Jordan One Gold Toe gets a general release

The Jordan 1 Gold Toe has been a highly coveted sneaker since the first release of the OG shoe in the recent ComplexCon. With the beautiful shine from the patent leather, to the hits of gold on the shoe, it is no surprise many sneakerheads love the shoe. Many will get that opportunity with the general release of the sneaker retailing at 160 USD While some sneakerheads may hate that their OG Gold Toes are now GRed, many will be hyped to be able to get their hands on a beautiful sneaker.


Jerry Lorenzo Releases AJ 1 Inspired Sneakers for All Star Weekend

Fear Of God has been around for an extremely long time, and is beginning to lose its hype, but Lorenzo is still going strong with releasing pieces that people want even in 2018. The shoe, obviously inspired by the Air Jordan 1, will be releasing in a Royal, Chicago, and Bred colorway. The hype isn't nearly as considerable as the other releases coming this all star weekend, yet there is still a fair amount of people already lining up to cop these shoes.


Air Jordan 3 Free Throw Line

Another legendary Jordan shoe coming out during All Star Weekend. The Jordan 3 has always been an underrated shoe in the Jordan line, and it is refreshing to see the Jordan 3 get some newfound love with rereleases of the Free Throws and the Black Cements. It is the year of the Jordan, and sneakerheads love it.

The Air Jordan 3 is getting well deserved attention with rereleases of much loved sneakers.
The Air Jordan 3 is getting well deserved attention with rereleases of much loved sneakers. | Source

These are just a few of my favorite sneakers coming out in the upcoming week or so. There are so many more amazing sneakers coming out this February, but these ones that the community are hyped for, and these are sneakers I'm excited for as well.

© 2018 Ian Barron


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