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Nail Art Pattern # 1

Updated on May 13, 2014

Materials Required


  • Emori Neon Orange Nail Polish
  • Kleancolor White Nail Polish
  • Yellow Nail Polish
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Top Coat & Base Coat
  • Dotting Tool - Small
  • Nail Art Brush - Size # 0



  1. Apply Base Coat
  2. Add one drop of white polish to two drops of neon orange (to make it a lighter shade) and mix well. This step is optional. Neon Orange can be applied without mixing white in it.
  3. Apply the newly mixed color to the nails. A
  4. After it dries, apply top coat

Color Mix

Base Color

5. Add one drop of yellow polish to two drops of white ( to make yellowish white polish) and mix well. This step is optional too. White or yellow can be used directly without mixing.

6. Paint semicircle on the opposite corners of the nail.

7. With the help of striper brush, paint a black outline to the semicircles.

Yellowish Mix

Semicircles Outlined

8. Again like in step 2, add one drop of white polish to two drops of neon orange polish. (Step optional) Can use neon orange

9. Paint small inverted cones within the semicircles - about 3-4 per semicircle.

10. Outline the cones with black polish and striper brush.

11. Again like in step five - Add one drop of yellow polish to two drops of white polish (optional step) Use the same color used to make semicircles.

12. With the help of dotting tools, make small dots in the empty space.

13. Using toothpick, make tiny black dots within the yellowish white dots made with dotting tools.

14. Finally Apply top coat. The nails are done!

Cones and Dots

Nail Art

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Some Helpful Tips:

  1. The mix is for only one nail.
  2. Do not make the mix in large quantities as the polish will dry and it will be a waste.
  3. Let each part dry completely before moving onto the next step.
  4. Always use base coat and top coat to avoid stains on the nails and the design from chipping.


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