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Trendy Nail Art To Elevate Your Mood!

Updated on June 9, 2011

Nail Art

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Image coutesy:

Beautify Your Nails!

A woman who makes the effort to look good remains with a positive outlook on life and is enthususiastic about everything she does. She is a confident woman who can maintain a work-life balance and gets along with most people. Looking good makes one feel good and it shows in the personality. Women love to accessorize their outfits, be it jewellery, handbags, mobiles, gadgets, hairdos, makeup, footwear.

A woman who beautifies herself thus cannot afford to ignore her nails on toes and hands. A good pedicure and manicure are a must every week or once a fortnight. And of course, painting your nails rather than leaving them nude is advisable. Nail colour serves 2 purposes-one to beautify your hands and feet and the other being to protect the nails. So, whether you are 5 or 75, being a woman gives you the added privilege of beautifying yourself, even your nails. Never let yourself be caught without nail colour and never a colour that does not match your outfit. Never use colours that are jarring but choose colours that compliment your skin tone.

Nail Art has caught up in recent years and anyone from 5 to any age is seen sporting nails that draw your attention. Children and adults, particularly, teens and 20 somethings have been experimenting and coming up with extremely interesting , cool designs in unique colours. Beauty saloons offer nail art to those who want it. Shaking hands with someone you are introduced to, shows off your nails as also when you are SMS texting or using your laptop or mobile phone. Your nail art looks intriguing against the handbag you carry. Truly an excellent way to accessorize. Wearing the right finger rings can heighten the design as well.

Be Creative!

Nail Art gives you a chance to express your creativity. As colours come alive and your nails have their own story to tell or match your outfit or occasion. Whatever the reason, it does wonders to your mood. It uplifts you instantly and you are ready to take on the world. All you need are some interesting themes, maybe stencils, some nail colours and of course, a thinner and remover. Glitter in different colours can be handy for those special occasions. If while applying you do not like what you see, you can always remove the nail art. Alternately, you can have several sets of false nails ready with designer nail art and can use these to match your mood or occasion. It is less messy and faster and has a professional look.

Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art For Kids has an excellent step by step guide for kids in school trying their hand at nail art. Imagine drawing and painting your nails with animals, cartoons, snacks, basketball, halloween and several fun themes that interest children. They can be creative and be engaged for hours if they are interested enough. Nail Art For Kids certainly is useful for even a beginner to understand the use of nail colours in effectively telling your story on nails. Your trip to Hawaii can be seen as nail art when you paint a palm tree on a beach front. A mermaid coming out of the sea is another form of expression. Painting tiger stripes as nail art gives you an animal theme making you look wild.

Nail art is therefore certainly a form of expression that protects your nails, while beautifying them and also uplifts your mood. Depression does not have a place in your life!


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