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Natural Hair Growth Remedies

Updated on July 3, 2012

Hair loss issues

Scalp disorders are common, and hair fall can be a result of this. These issues have long troubled people, men and women alike, although the symptoms and results are significantly varied in both sexes. Extensive research has been carried out in this field to determine the various reasons that are responsible for hair damage, and the results have been quite convincing. As per medical experts, damage to your hair and therefore hair fall can be mainly attributed to three factors. These are – trauma, stress and of course, poor diet.

Trauma and stress are believed to be major reasons behind loss of hair both in men and women. This is because these conditions can trigger surplus release of adrenaline and other chemicals that can affect the overall composition of blood in your body, thereby leading to loss of hair. It is strongly recommended that you consult a professional to begin recovery at the earliest.

The other factor in consideration is poor diet. Now, it is a scientifically proven fact that a large number of physical disorders in our body are due to people having a bad diet, or a diet that does not contain the required amount of vitamins. Diet plays an equally important role in the health of your hair and is therefore another very important aspect of hair loss. A busy lifestyle can tempt you from eating vitamin-rich food and going for processed or canned items, but these pose a very dangerous risk to your entire health in the long run.

Natural hair growth remedies to help grow healthy hair


There is a wide array of treatments you can choose from when it comes to repairing hair damage and preventing fall of your hair. You may opt for prescribed medications, over the counter ones or you can go for the conventional and time tested natural hair growth techniques to grow beautiful hair. While this may not be altogether true that medications hardly work for anyone, it can also not be denied that do not work for all of us. Additionally, some of them have side effects that are sometimes difficult to deal with. This is where natural hair growth remedies come in the picture. Not only are they safe for regular use, they also work successfully in most cases. And if unfortunately they do not work in your case, you may stay rest assured that you will never have to deal with any side effects, since they are all completely natural.

Many dermatologists recommend the use of massaging oils that are rich in protein. This is because since hair is not a living organism, extensive use of shampoos can easily strip away the proteins in the strands. When massaged with oil, some missing nutrients are replaced.

Another important advice is incorporating vitamins in your diet. It may not be possible for you to have a carefully planned and proper meal at all times, but one can always consume natural supplements that fulfills the body's demand for nutrition. Again, not all supplements are known to work, but is best that you do your own research before buying one for you or your family.

Do natural hair growth remedies actually work – 5 very effective tips for hair growth


We have frequently heard that hair deserves extra attention, especially in women. Any unwanted processing should be avoided, and this suggests that coloring, styling and other such techniques may actually cause some damage to your hair. Hair processing techniques typically involve the use of a large number of chemicals that can also have an adverse effect on the health of your hair. In regards to this context, a simple answer to the question asked above is – yes, natural techniques are time tested and proven, and have had successful results in most cases.

We highlight below some important natural hair growth remedies for you take advantage of. These are:

  1. Use of oils, such as coconut or amla, are known to have definite results in case of hair loss and other scalp disorders. Amla oil, when mixed with few drops of vinegar can gently be applied on your scalp. The typical strategy requires you massage your scalp with the oil at night and let it stay. When you take a shower the next day, rinse it off with shampoo. A few washes are enough to let you feel the difference in your hair. This can also be done using almond and warm castor oil.

  2. Pollutants stuck to your scalp can also be a cause of hair fall, and it is necessary to have clean hair. If your shampoo fails to remove these foreign particles (which is probably why you suffer from hair loss), you may want to try applying a mixture of lime seeds and black pepper, both thoroughly ground. Mix some water to it and use regularly for best results.

  3. Triphala is a herbal powder and when mixed with aloe vera, has capabilities that can enhance growth of hair. Apply the mixture to your scalp for nearly 5-6 months to see significant growth.

  4. There are numerous homemade methods that you can try for preventing fall of your hair. An important one includes mixing an egg with 2.5 tsp of milk powder. Next, add to it a tsp of wheat germ oil. Massage your scalp with the solution for 5-10 minutes, and leave it on for about half an hour. When done, rinse it with shampoo and normal water.

  5. Drinking smoothies can also significantly reduce the rate of hair fall. Use skimmed milk, banana, yogurt and honey to make a smoothie and ensure that you have at least a glass of it everyday.

In contrast to the medications and other forms of treatments that are available for treatment of damaged hair, use of natural remedies is probably the safest, and therefore the most preferred. All ingredients used are natural and thus totally risk free.

Hair growth – Things to take care of


The importance of hair is very well known and thus deserves no special reference. It is therefore quite understandable that hair loss can prove to be a devastating occurrence for many. Not only does this have a toll on your overall body health, but this can also affect your professionally as well as socially. As a result, it is best that we take proper care of our hair to avoid putting ourselves in such situations.

Of the numerous factors that can be blamed for causing hair loss in men and women, perhaps the two most common ones are poor diet and poor health of scalp. Difficult as these are to take care of, they are not completely unmanageable. For instance, consider your scalp. Most issues related to the ill health of your scalp can also have an indirect role to play in your hair loss. In the simplest terms, anything that does not support the growth of your hair follicles tends to disrupt their growth. It is, therefore, imperative that you always keep your scalp in the best condition.

Coming to the importance of a healthy diet, it must be mentioned here this is the most common reason of hair fall in most people. They lack vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that are required for the normal and healthy growth of hair, and this eventually leads to thin and brittle hair that breaks under the slightest pressure. To ensure proper growth of your hair, include these vitamins in your daily diet. These could either be incorporated in the meals or you can always ask a medical expert for dietary supplementation.

  • Niacinamide – This is also popularly termed as vitamin B-3 and plays a very important role in promoting regulated blood flow in the scalp. The sources of this vitamin are available in plenty, plants and animals being the major ones. Vitamin B-3 is favorable for hair, skin and nails, and there deficiency can cause deterioration in the color as well as health of hair, skin, nervous tissue as well as red blood cells.

  • Biotin – This is known as vitamin H, or more popularly, as the vitamin for growing hair. Deficiency of vitamin H can prove to be very problematic, with known issues in movement, skin, hair, nails and cognitive development. In fact, this vitamin is so popular that many companies now use it in the manufacture of cosmetics and hair care solutions.

  • Pantothenic acid – It is a water soluble vitamin that is also known as B-5 and is obtained for animals and plants. Its main functionalities focus around inhibiting the loss and graying of hair. The deficiency symptoms that it exhibits are similar to those of niacinamide.

  • Inositol – Inositol is the name given to the nutrient which is responsible for maintaining the health of the follicles at the cellular level. It is essential to have this nutrient for optimum growth and functionalities.

These are only some of the very important vitamins that have been compiled to form this list. As a matter of fact, a nutrient-rich diet and healthy lifestyle can help you achieve results that no medications can.



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