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Natural Hair Growth to long curly hair

Updated on February 13, 2014

Longer Stronger Hair

grow hair longer
grow hair longer

Can my natural hair grow long?

Yes, it is possible to grow your hair long even if your hair is tightly coiled or kinky curly, this is because it all depends on keeping healthy hair and retaining length through protective styling

and using natural hair care products on your hair that will help promote growth instead of causing damage and breakage.

Some tips on how to help grow your hairstyles is found from the hair specialist who have learned through trial and error what works best on naturally curly, kinky, wavy hair.

Henna can help condition hair and promote hair growth

Henna has a muddy texture and can be added to honey, aloe vera and green tea.

Henna requires that you leave it on for several hours, some even go to bed with it still in their hair covered by a plastic cap until the morning, and then they rinse it out several times.

Long hair is a crown of glory and many women spend most of their lives trying to keep from having hair loss.

Another secret to lots of volume in natural hair is to let your hair air dry after shampooing it.

I usually make sure my hair is completely dry before I go to bed then the hair is thicker in the morning.

If you have thin hair that is weak or damaged you can use a hot oil treatment or ApHogee Keratin Reconstructor which works well with frizzy hair repair.

How to Achieve Thicker Hair

The interesting thing about growing hair long is that if it is layered it can have a look that seems to be thick when it actually isn't.

In the case of achieving hair that is thicker you can use many hair care products that have vitamin E in them.

The hair cuticle can expand with certain hair dyes which leaves your hair feeling fuller or with more volume.

Avoiding split ends and keeping the hair trimmed on a regular basis will make it easier to grow healthy hair.

Wearing braid-outs is another way to have big hair.

Natural Hair Growth Curly Hair

Grow long natural coils
Grow long natural coils

Hair Growth New Growth tricks

African American hair is constantly growing so its important to keep the ends of you hair healthy and reduce breakage.

Top things to do to promote hair growth is to tie your hair up at night with a silk covering and reduce friction while you sleep.

Also preventing hair loss is possible by using protein treatments, reconstructors, deep conditioning.

Limit use of heat on your hair and do not comb hair while dry.

It is a labor of love for those who want to have long natural curly hair,

Remember it is not going to happen overnight it will take time, but it is possible to keep your hair in a state that actually causes it to continue to grow longer, not that it will actually make it grow.

There are many products on the market that promises hair growth, no one product can help you achieve the look you want it will take you becoming proactive in your hair health.

Eating the right foods is the first step, as well as getting plenty of exercise or drinking enough water each day.

Those with kinky coily hair have found that keeping the hair moisturized is better with water based conditioner than using heavy hair grease or oils.

If you do use hair oil make sure it is natural such as coconut, olive oil, jojoba oil or tea tree oil. These essential oils help keep the scalp clean and the hair from tangling.

Quick Tips for Growing Long, Strong Curly Hair


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  • profile image

    Rhianne 6 years ago

    Hi, im a young teen and im half black and half white. My mum has curly frizzy hair and my dad has afro hair so my hair takes alot of looking after. But it wont grow, so any ideas? It would make me the happiest girl in the world! :)

  • Research Analyst profile image

    Research Analyst 6 years ago


    Growing hair long usually starts with your diet, believe it or not what you eat has a big effect on how fast your hair grows, start with eating plenty of fruits and vegetables which each meal, also drink plenty of water.

    Supplements can help a lot from vitamin E, flaxseed oil and B complex tablets.

    Next getting cream moisturizing conditioners especially the leave-in conditioners are good for preparing the hair along with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to seal in moisture.

  • profile image

    devina 6 years ago

    I'm puerto rican && colombian . so full hispanic ! so you'd think I would have really good hair . I mean my hair isn't too bad but it's really really curly . like more curly than a half black && half white girls hair . soo no one really believes me that I'm not even black . but anyway . I straighten my hair a lot . and it gross very slow . it used to be to the middle of my back but now it's to my shoulders , when I straighten it . so can I please have some tips on what to do to my hair to make it gross ? I'm getting very impatient haha I know , I'm gonna stop straightening my hair . but please help me (:

  • Research Analyst profile image

    Research Analyst 6 years ago


    the key to longer hair starts from inside, eating fruits and vegetables, taking vitamins and supplements such as flaxseed oil tablets and vitamin e oil for moisturizing ends.

    also protective hairstyles work best when growing hair out from previously damaged or hair breakage.

    Water is another example of how the natural hair will become more manageable when mixed with cream conditioners and essential oils such as olive oil or coconut oil.

    Hope this helps.

  • profile image

    MartinaO53O 6 years ago

    Im half black & half puertorican but you cud never tell by my hair. My hair was naturally str8 until I was about 6 then it strtd to curl up. By the time I was 7(when I got my 1st perm because my mom said it was to thick & long to deal with) my hair began to turn nappy & began to break off. Is this because I got a perm ? Is it possible to do something so my hair will become natuarlly str8 & long again or is this permanet ? PLEASE HELP ME !!!!

  • profile image

    Love 7 years ago

    Healthy Hair begin with you. If yur serious about it, It takes sacrifice, hard work, alot of effort and the will to not give up. Whether u are natural or have a relaxer there are ways to grow your hair very long. Do the research.

  • Research Analyst profile image

    Research Analyst 8 years ago

    You can always use natural essential oils in your hair like coconut oils, tea tree oils, olive oils and put your hair in two strand twists to give it a break from all the straightening, plus if you let your hair air dry it will get healthier along with a leave in hot oil treatment.

  • profile image

    Rozzlan  8 years ago

    I'm half black and half white so my hair is manageable and curly. I've had relaxers but I'm over trying to always keep it straight. I want my hair to grow long. But it takes so long and I get bored easily and then I end up cuttin it short. I wrap it at night usually and barely straighten it.What can I do to keep it healthy and grow it out?? any suggestions

  • profile image

    jessi 8 years ago

    boy do i wish my hair was as long as those girls my hair is 5 inches long if anyone has any idea how to grow it dat will be a big help cuz gots a big day coming up n moving to a town where ppl probably have really long hair so any ideas?????