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Natural Hair Care Products

Updated on September 13, 2014

Natural Hair Care Products For Curly And Straight Hair

Natural hair care products for curly and straight hair are not always readily available.

Many women have been searching for certain products and find that some are only available online.

The most popular natural hair care products can be costly as well. There are a few that are so over priced that only high end beauty stores carry them.

This article will cover affordable natural hair care products that are being sold in both stores and online. Many of these products have all natural ingredients and herbal extracts.

If you would like to read reviews from real women who currently use these products on their hair visit the Healthy Hair Zone forum.

Natural Ingredients In Hair Care Products?

Natural Hair Products That Are 100% Natural

Being a woman with natural hair, I sometimes have a hard time narrowing down products that I like. I have a few that I will share with you here but, this article is about natural hair care companies that imply that their products are all natural. Notice that I used the word " imply ".

I had a personal experience with one product in particular that I fell in love with. It was given to me as a gift. The friend that gave me the product told me it was all natural. I later found out that one ingredient prevented this product from being 100% natural.

I stopped using the product awhile ago, however I stand by my initial review of the product, as it worked really well in my hair. I must admit that I took the word of a friend and possibly some of their marketing strategy to come to the conclusion that this product was all natural.

I'm not mad or angry but, a lot of people that paid top dollar for their magic creams and butters are. I read a few angry comments online, and the majority felt as though this particular company was ripping their patrons off. They're in the same price range as their competitors who have 100% all natural ingredients.

Like I said earlier I received my product as a gift from a friend ( not the company ), and was very grateful. My goal to grow healthy hairwith natural products is a personal choice. I may have repurchased the product if it had all natural ingredients. To me it would have justified it's cost.

No business is successful without merit. There are more happy customers, then not ( as far as I have seen) and as far as ingredients go.... well that's a personal choice. I try to stay away from petroleum, mineral oil, and sulfate as much as I can.

Do I read the ingredients every time I buy hair care products?..... Most of the time. I have maybe two bottles of no name crap that I need to finish up before I can say this house is free of " No Way That's Touching My Hair" ingredients.

How important are ingredients to you? Are you finding ALL NATURAL hair care products online or locally with no problem? It's still a very small market. Don't you think?

Just remember hair is hair no matter who's head it's on. The same goes for natural ingredients.... it's either all natural or not! That's right if you have a product that is 98% natural, then market it as such.

Natural Hair Care Products That I Use


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    • profile image

      Kron 5 years ago

      Nice hub .I really liked it.Thanks a lot for shairng..:)


    • profile image

      stylistlisa 6 years ago

      Nothing wrong with natural, but you might need more choices in salon hair products. We have everything you want!

    • profile image

      Padrica 6 years ago

      Great article! Another fantastic company to consider is Naturalista Cosmetics. They offer a wide range of organic and natural hair care products that cater specifically to the natural hair community. Naturalista Cosmetics is one of the few wholesale suppliers of Jamaican black Castor oil as well. Feel free to google them for more info.