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Clairol - Natural Instinct's Egyptian Plum #32 Hair Colour Review

Updated on September 6, 2012

I just love this colour! It is a gorgeous Burgundy Brown that gives my mousy brown lack luster hair a great boost in colour, body and shine. They have long discontinued this shade where I live but would buy it in a heart beat if it was offered. The first week the colour has a violet colour to it. After the first week it then goes to a vibrant dark, rich red.

The good things about this colour: It enhances your natural hair with vibrant colour and covers up to 50% gray. It lasts up to 28 shampoos. This colour is gentle with an antioxidant-rich and ammonia-free formula that leaves your more healthy than it was before colouring. The kit includes a 2 week colour refresher, along with a fantastic conditioning treatment. The best part - it only takes 10 minutes to develop and is easy to apply.

My Review: It leaves your hair more healthy than it was before colouring! I always know when to do a touch-up, when my hair becomes dry and the shine is gone. The colour applies evenly and leaves no visible roots. I apply it after I wash my hair with Paul Mitchell's Shampoo Two - Deep Cleansing. I then blow dry my hair. I make sure that I put a heavy conditioner around my hairline as my skin loves to suck the colour up and dyes it. After it develops I rinse my hair out well. I apply the conditioning treatment and leave it on for 5 minutes. I rinse it out and dry my hair. I love the deep burgundy colour it leaves. It always gives a boost to have freshly coloured hair. I get many compliments on this colour. It goes well with my fair skin and dark brown eyes.


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