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How To Grow Long Natural Nails

Updated on August 5, 2014

Natural Nail Growth Tips

Healthy nails need to be cared for with good nutrition and a weekly nail care regimen.Polishes to strengthen and promote nail growth are also essential. Using them in order to protect nails from damage will help you with your nail care goals.

Prevent chipping, splitting, and cracking with a few easy steps, all covered in this article bleow.

To produce nail growth, you must properly care for your fingernails. With regular manicures, nails will grow long and strong. Committing to weekly home manicures, will make short nails, grow long in just a few weeks. Just be consistent and make it a habit.

Fingernails are made up of Keratin. A good diet is improtant to grow long nails. Vitamins and nutrients are good for the body, skin, hair, and nails. A diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals will help with growth. Taking a supplement and getting proper nutrition is essential to over all body function.

Some of the reasons behind slow nail growh are:

  • breakage
  • bitting
  • treating the nail bed too rough.

These problems have solutions. They can be dealt with quickly and effectively with a weekly routine.

Fingernail biting can be stopped by chewing gum or buying prducts that will assit in breaking the habit. This " oral fixation" may require one or more methods depending on the person. If you've been bitting your nails for years, you may have to try several times to break the habit. When the nail biting has lessen or even stopped, expect to see white nail tips growing in a matter of a week.

Fingernail breakage that's a result of handling fingernails to roughly, can be stopped by changing how you handle every day chores. If you have the tendency to type on a keyboard with the tips of your fingernails, practice using the cushion of your fingers instead ( like for finger printing ). Too much tapping on anything is enough to cause nails to break.

Long Natural Nails

Natural Nail Protection

Sometimes natural nails break because they are weak and fragile. Nail strengtheners and treatments help give your nails the protection they need in order to grow long.

Nail thickeners give added protection to thin nails. Using it as a base coat will prevent nails from breaking easily.

Taking a mult-vitamin can also help natural nails to be healthy and strong. Supplements help because nails and hair need nutrients in order to grow and thrive.

Natural Nails Long Growth

Nail Strengtheners

Natural Nail Lasting Manicure

The biggest complaint about natural nails, aside from them breaking, are the maincure not lasting as long as artificial nails. Below you will get some tips on how to get a lasting maincure.

  • Remove all oils from the nail bed. Use soap and water or a cotton ball with alcohol.
  • Apply a base coat
  • Apply all nail polish coats in a thin even manner
  • Apply a top coat and repeat the top coat every few days.
  • Use gloves when emerging hands in water or when using chemicals

Using the tips above will help you to have a longer lasting manicure on natural nails.

Repair A Natural Nail

Nail Designs and Polish

Salon visits for nail designs can be costly. You can save cash by doing your own designs at home. You will get professional result if you practice and use professional tools.

Having a nice collection of nail design art polishes will help you get that professional look at home. These polishes come in many colors. You'll be able to get any design with the primary colors. Having glitter polishes, will help accent the bold colors and give you a very pretty look.

Nail Design Tools

  • Dotting tools
  • Brushes
  • Toothpicks
  • Stencils
  • Rhinestones
  • Flowers
  • Jewels

Nail Polishes

  • Nail Lacquer
  • Glow in the dark
  • Neon
  • Glitter
  • Natural/Organic
  • Animal Safe


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