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Natural and Gray

Updated on August 17, 2012

Totally Natural

As I continue my journey in life, I become more aware of organics, and that includes deciding aganst putting any chemicals in my hair. So, I have decided to stop using perms to straighten my hair, and I no longer wish to cover my gray. The choice I have made, allows me more freedom for several reasons. The hair cut is short and easy to care for. I have also found products that work well and are listed as organic.


For many years I colored my hair. Different shades of black and brown, and hennas also. I was also getting my hair permed. So every 4-6 weeks, a new chemical would be used. I never took the time to research how these chemicals could possibly cause me health problems; plus I just felt it was time to give my hair a break. Accepting and embracing my age and the way I look with gray hair, was a big step. Now I am okay with it.

Now, I just wash and go. Being over 50 and working from home, allows me the freedom I have been seeking for years. As I am changing my pace in life, I feel more in balance and at peace, eating more natural and healthy foods, and gradually changing my lifestyle to be totally natural.


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    • touchmyheart profile image

      touchmyheart 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks for the comment. I will be posting photos soon.

    • AngelsRinglets profile image

      AngelsRinglets 5 years ago

      Sounds liberating :o) The chemicals are extremely scary.