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Loving Your Natural Hair

Updated on July 18, 2020

Natural Beautiful Hair

Natural Hair, Natural Hair

Let those curls blow within the air.

Curls, Fros, and Cornrows

Box Braids and Lemonade Braids

Anything you wear you will rock that day.

You are beautiful

A beautiful Black Queen.

Never let anyone tear you down because of your hair.

You're beautiful, intelligent, talented

Beautiful brown skin girls, dark skin girls, light skin girls.

Your hair is your crown

No matter the length of your hair

You are as beautiful as your African ancestors.

Endure your natural hair

Love your natural hair

And let your hair dance against the air.

- Danielle C


"Embrace what you born with because it's beautiful." - Anonymous


Queens with the chocolate brown eyes

We all are on the rise.

Our crown sits high.

As it should, right?

You are a chocolate Queen.

When the sun hits your beautiful chocolate skin, it beams.

You're fantastic from your hair down to your toes.

Go ahead, put cute little bows in your baby girls' fro.

Show off that smile you're a Queen, or did you forget?

Don't forget who you are beautiful or you'll probably regret it.

Acne, scars, freckles, big lips, big nose, stretch marks, tummy fat, slim it doesn't matter.

You're gorgeous you're a Queen who sits on her throne.

Stand your ground, and make all the boys fall

You're a beautiful Queen who stands tall.

You deserve the world, love, and respect

Just make sure you have confidence on deck.

Remember who you are girl

A Queen, that's what you are.

- Danielle C


"My hair doesn't need to be fixed. Society's view of beauty is what's broken." - Anonymous

Hey You

No matter the length of your hair. No matter if you have 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, 4C hair, you are gorgeous. Be confident in your looks embrace your natural beauty! You are amazing I just know it. It was hard for me to tame my hair so I understand that there's a struggle there. But just ask for guidance, have faith in yourself, love yourself, and your hair. Accept your skin too, don't let any knockdown you're confidence and self-esteem because of the color of your skin. Your skin is beautiful, it's amazing, and ignore what they say do you. I know you're talented, they'll be so mad when you make it and they don't. People will talk about you regardless, so stay strong give yourself love before you give anyone else love. Self-love and self-respect are very, very important. You need it to stay going, to stay motivated and happy. You can't love anyone else before you love yourself it just doesn't work that way. I want you to do your best in life because you can only live once. God put us on this Earth the way we are for a reason. Us being his children we have to make him proud and happy, and when you do that he sends many blessings. So keep striving and living happy and comfortable with your beautiful hair, skin, eyes, smile, personality.

Helpful Tips for Natural Hair!

1. Feed Your Hair

Include healthy fruits and veggies in your diet and drink lots of water. This will give your hair follicles the nutrients needed to help your strands thrive

2. Be Careful with Heat

Too much heat too often can lead to damage, and eventually, your hair won’t revert to its natural state. Also, too much or improper use of heat can lead to dry, brittle hair, breakage, and split ends.

A few tips:

  • Use heat tools that have clear settings (not just “on/off”), and use the low or medium settings at most.
  • Prepare your hair for heat styling at the cleansing and conditioning stage to make sure it is well hydrated.
  • Always use a heat protectant! This will serve as a barrier between your hair tool and your hair to prevent damage.

3.Cleanse Hair & Scalp Regularly

A dirty scalp full of buildup can clog pores and follicles and essentially slow down healthy growth.

4. Gently Detangle From End to Root

You don't want to pull out your precious hair! When getting the tangles out, start from the very ends, then slowly and gently work your way up to the roots to cut down on breakage.

5. Get Regular Trims

Trimming your hair gets rid of broken and split ends that could lead to more damage

6. Wear Protective Styles

Such as braids or even lacewings can help you protect your natural hair.

7.Protect the Hair at Night

Keep hair moisturized and less prone to breakage by wrapping it up with a satin or silk scarf or bonnet at night. If you prefer to leave your hair free, a satin pillowcase.

8. Don’t Stress!

Where you can get more information go to their website!


"Natural hair is an Exquisite Crown. A head full of unique, healthy beauty. Natural Beauty." - Anonymous


Thank You!!

© 2020 Danielle


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