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Naughty Mesh Panties For Naughty Men

Updated on October 12, 2009

Yar! Thar be panties!

Part of the fun for men wearing panties is getting to be a little bit naughty. For some men, simply putting on a plain pair of panties is all the naughtiness they need as they walk the line between men ans women's underwear, hoping that their significant other doesn't notice, or perhaps hoping even more that they do. For other men however, the thrill of simply wearing a pair of panties may be starting to fade. After all, even the most exciting things get dull if you do them the same way every time.

What makes a pair of panties naughty? Perhaps it's the high cut, or the cheeky mesh panel in the front. Maybe the crotch is split, or perhaps they're a cheeky thong that shows off your derrière to full advantage. Naughty panties are a fun way to express yourself and spice up a dull day. Wearing naughty panties can also be a little act of rebellion, throwing off the shackles of expectation and going your own way clad in delicate lace and floral patterns.

This article is going to focus on mesh panties because mesh is a fun fabric that is quite often overlooked when one talks about women's panties. Silk, satin, and lace are cliches in the lingerie world, but mesh has a great deal to offer the male panty wearer too.

Quite obviously, mesh creates a see through effect, which can be a lot of fun when it is a man wearing panties rather than a woman. Mesh might sometimes get a bit of a bad rap for being almost too obvious and bordering on the boring, but these panty styles demonstrate that mesh is a great fabric for naughty panties.

Black Mesh + Ruffles = Awesome

Have a look at these mesh ruffle panties. A little bit chorus girl, a little bit red light, these mesh ruffle panties from Pinup Girl are fun, feminine, and retro. If your panty collection is lacking a little old school charm, then these panties are sure to be a very welcome addition.

It takes a man to wear a boyshort...

Or how about a boyshort? Appropriately named for the man who wears lingerie, these mesh boyshorts have fun naughty lines to them, rather like wearing a butterfly. By Honeydew, these goth boyshorts are perfect for the man in lingerie who wants to get in touch with his deep dark feminine side.

Ruffle Revolution

More ruffles! Can there ever be too many ruffles? I think not. Also by honeydew, these black mesh panties have a delightful set of red ruffles on either side of the panties, a charming design that cannot fail to accentuate the main event.

Innocent until worn...

Perhaps you're yearning for something a little more simple? These French style panties by Fayreform are quite simple, and yet, when worn by a man, very naughty indeed. The large expanse of lightly embroidered mesh is sure to feel delightful against your skin.


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