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New 2010 Spring Hairstyles for Women and Spring Hair Trends

Updated on July 10, 2011

Why Not Choose a New Spring Hairstyle?

Spring is almost here. Everyone's glad the winter is finally over. Why not start spring off with a brand new hairstyle in 2010? Most women change their hair style somewhat in the spring. Your hair color and your hair cut can be just as important to your appearance as your clothing and makeup.

You really shouldn't change your hairstyle drastically without consulting with a professional, such as your hairstylist. A hairdresser can be very helpful when deciding a new haircut or new hair color for spring. A hairstylist can help you pick the best hair style depending on the color of your skin and your face shape, along with your type of hair.

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New Spring Hairstyles for Women in 2010

Popular spring hairstyles for women in 2010 and spring hair trends this year include soft layers and wispy bangs. Feminine hairstyles are very popular this season.  Curly spring styles, soft waves, and natural, easygoing hair styles are all going to be popular spring hair trends.  The emphasis on 2010 spring hairstyles is on natural looking results.

So, avoid harsh razor cuts and the like. The natural hair styles will be easy to take care of, and they suit most hair types.  These hairstyles will look very good paired with spring fashions and fresh, spring makeup.

Popular Spring Hair Trends

Long bangs are also popular 2010 spring hairstyles. Most bang hair styles for spring this year are side bangs. Side parts are also popular for spring hair trends. Straight hair styles don't seem to be as popular this season. The most popular hair color trends to go with spring hairstyles seems to be red and golden blonde.

Below are some tips to get the latest spring hairstyle trends:

Tips for 2010 Short Spring Hairstyles

Don't be afraid of a short, new hairstyle for spring.  Short spring hairstyles can be worn many different ways.  They can be tucked behind the ears, blow dried back or forward, or swept to the side.  You can also add hair accessories, such as barrettes or a hair band for a completely different look.

The new short hair styles for spring are very feminine. Some are shorter on the sides, with longer layers on top.  The top layers are very light and natural looking.  This adds volume and makes your hair appear thicker.  Long fringe bangs are popular spring hair trends for short hair, as are thick bangs that go across from short to long. Pixie haircuts and page boy inspired hair style trends are also popular for this spring.

Medium Length Spring Hair Trends in 2010

Blunt cut medium length hair styles are out this spring.  Popular spring 2010 hairstyles are layered hairstyles.  Medium length haircuts with layers will give your hair body and lots of movement.  The best layered medium length hair styles are those with shorter layers in front to frame your face.  Choose at least one layer length that stops at one of your best facial features, such as your chin or cheekbones.  This will put the focus on your best face feature, which is where you want it.  Avoid too many layers.  This can cause your hair to look too thin.

If your hair is too thin or fine, you may want to avoid layers, especially an all over layer haircut.  The layers may make your hair seem even thinner.  If you want to try a layered haircut for spring anyway, there are many volumizing products that are surprisingly effective.  Avoid using too much product, as it can cause your hair to appear flat and oily.

2010 Spring Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair can be styled many ways, regardless of the type of hair.  Like medium length 2010 spring hairstyles, popular spring hair trends for long hair include layers.  Use layers to frame your face just as with medium length hair styles. Long, wavy hair is a very popular hair style this spring. On the opposite side of popular hair styles for long hair this spring is 70s inspired long, stick straight hair. The most popular spring hair style for long, straight hair included a side part.

If you have wavy or curly long hair, you are in luck for spring 2010!  Long, wavy or curly hair will be a very popular spring hairstyle this year.

If you have long, straight hair, you still can try the long wavy hair look.  Simply blow dry your hair until it is slightly damp.  Then use steamrollers or plastic curlers.  Place them throughout your hair.  Let your hair dry completely.  Remove the curlers.  Comb your fingers through your hair gently.  Lightly spray with hairspray to hold.

More long hair trends for spring 2010 are braids and updos.  Braids are smoking hot spring hairstyles for 2010, especially long side braids and fish plait braids. Try textured braids and side braids.

Updo Spring Hairstyles and Spring Hair Trends 2010

Popular spring 2010 updo hairstyles are classic low chignon hair styles that are a bit on the messy side. They look as if you have walked through a breeze, but not outright wind. So a little messy, but still elegant. Natural, slightly wavy hair looks fantastic styled like this. There were hair chignons on the runways that were accessorized with beautiful beads as well.

Classic buns, or top knots, that sit high on one's head were also popular spring hair style updos. Straight hair is best for classic buns. Use lots of hairspray for this hair style trend!

Other 2010 Spring Hair Trends

Slicked hair styles were also seen on many fashion catwalks this spring, so they are sure to be popular spring hair trends as well. Again, the side part was used most often with these types of spring hairstyles.

How to Choose the Best 2010 Spring Hairstyles for You

Just remember when deciding the best 2010 spring hairstyles for you, keep in mind your hair's natural thickness and texture.  Don't insist on a super straight spring hairstyle if your hair is very curly, and vice versa.

New 2010 Spring Hairstyles for Women and Spring Hair Trends

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