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The Most Durable UGG Boots - Lonnie, Adirondack, Montclair, Abilene, Casady, Leona and Gillespie

Updated on November 22, 2017
From left to right: Lonnie, Adirondack Boots, Montclair, Abilene, Cassady, Leona
From left to right: Lonnie, Adirondack Boots, Montclair, Abilene, Cassady, Leona

The Most Durable UGG Boots

UGG Australia Boots are most commonly known for excellence in comfort and design, with their sheepskin interiors that make walking in them feel like absolute paradise. Those of us who own a pair of UGG boots will also know about the excellence in durability that they offer. They are extremely hard wearing and a great all round boot. UGG boots are also highly fashionable, which is a real bonus when buying such a comfortable boot. In this article we take a look at some of the most durable UGG boots, that can be worn for casual dress, right through to mountain trekking / climbing and still retain their buff.

Adirondack UGG Boots

Adirondack are perhaps the most durable UGG boots available to us today. They are the perfect boot for the cold winter weather, and take their name from Adirondack mountain. Adirondack boots have a unique Vibram outer sole which provides the highest durability out of all the boots. It also has a replaceable sheepskin insole should you wish to change it. Look stylish this winter in a pair of these super boots. Available in sand and blackberry wine colours.

Lonnie UGG Boots

The Lonnie boot comes in black and espresso. This is a completely waterproof boot and looks similar to the traditional wellington boot, but much more stylish. It has buttons down the side which can be undone easily for easy on and off access. Great for the wet and in the snow! Another highly durable boot with excellent comfort.


Montclair UGG boots come in black, brown and sand colours. This is a really stylish boot that still has great durability and is perfect for day to day practical use. The reason this boot is more durable than some others is because it has EVA molded rubber pod inserts. The EVA molded rubber pod inserts add extra durability and traction to the boot. Another great boot for the winter.


Although not quite as durable as some of the other boots listed above, this is still one highly durable fashionable, stylish boot. If you still want to look glamourous and have the durability that you require then the Cassady boot is the one for you. Has a leather and nylon upper, and a 3 inch heel to give you that extra height!


Leona has a sheepskin sock liner that will naturally removes moisture helping to keep your feet warm and dry. Leona has a nylon and leather upper and a zip that runs down the side of the boot for easy on and off access. The 3 inch wedge heel will give you that extra bit of height whilst remaining comfortable and stylish.


Abilene is the ultimate stylish boot that should be worn when there is a mixutre of walking and socialising involved. For example if you are going on a bar crawl then these are going to be a great option!

New ranges for 2017 include:

Womens: Deanna, Channing 2, Channing II, Classic Tall Dylyn, Selia, Shanleigh, Jillian 2, Jillian II, Broome 3, Gershwin, Estelle, Classic Tall Bomber, Etta, Hazelwood, Bailey Button Triplet Bomber, Maylin Leather, Brooks Tall, Gillespie Tall, Junipero, Baroness, Newberry, Decatur Nordic, Decatur Plaid, Adirondack, Adirondack boot 2, Lilyan 2, Wilshire 2, wilshire logo tall, I do capsule collection, Conor, Fabrizia, Gillespie, Calynda, Fabrice, Lynnea, Carnagie, Cosima, Ambrogia, Tatum, Carmine, Cyndee, Caspia, Georgette, Bianka, Foxley, Ramos, Tularosa, Heirloom, Tularosa route, Celestina, Illana, Madelynn, Baroness, Aldabella, Calvina, PIera, Rommy,

Mens: Sullivan, Branton, Montgomry, Hamric, Via Maggio, Corbitt, Cernero, Ultra Rivington, Orazio, Brockman, Via Lungarno, Nevio, Via Ponte, Bracken, Essex, Roxford, Vanowen, Ultra Mercer,

Important considerations: There are lots of fake, replica and immitations of UGG boots. Only with UGG Australia will you be guarenteed the comfort, durability and design that you expect. It is worth spending the little bit extra and investing in a pair of real UGGs for long term benefits. Sometimes you will find reduced deals and promotional codes that offer you a discount when purchasing online, so it is worth bearing that in mind before purchasing. Also make sure that you consider UGG care kits because they will come in handy.


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    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice hub on boots which i not only enjoyed reading but pleased to meet this article on hub pages.Thanks for the colorful pics of different types of boot you actually featured in here.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 7 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      I really enjoyed this hub on boots. I have several pair of uughs and love them. Good selection. Thanks. Thumbs up!