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Newspaper manicure

Updated on September 23, 2015

If your morning begins with a cup of coffee, fresh croissants and the latest knowledge on the Internet - can safely call ourselves a modern girl. Previously to this set of breakfast spot was online newspaper. And now ... it's also perfect here. Just not on the table, and on your nails!

Who discovered the newsprint manicure? According to legend, the author of the idea - a terribly pouring into notoriety French manicure. When the time finally local newspaper published an article about her, she bought a copy of the power of the newspaper, clipping articles about myself and ... began to stick their fragments clients have on the nail. And then the world has learned not only about her, but about a new type of nail art - the so-called newsprint manicure.

It makes it quite simple. This will require new newspaper (the fresher - the better it is desirable - that has to smell the printer's ink), base coat, varnish and top of lacquer layer.

1. You must settle nails, give them shape files, slide the skin to the nail base with a wooden stick.

2. Cut the newspaper 10 fragments, which should be slightly higher than your fingernail.

3. Anoint basecoat.

4. Nail varnish selected color varnish. As the newspaper letters - black base for any light color: white, all pastel. The higher the contrast between the letters and varnish - the impressive manicure.

5. Wait until the spray is completely dry.

6. Neckline fragments slightly moisten with water or alcohol. The main thing - the newspaper should just get wet, do not soak into.

7. Place one piece of tweezers on each nail, carefully smooth out. Hold this newspaper fragments on the nail about half a minute. As long enough that the letters will move on polish.

8. Carefully remove the newspaper shreds from the mouth and again wait until the nail is completely dry.

9. Anoint a reinforcing nail polish top coat.


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