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Ninety-Nine Women Contestants

Updated on December 15, 2012

"First Two Times" First Lady, Michelle Obama

"First Twice" First Lady Michelle Obama  Desired by President Obama
"First Twice" First Lady Michelle Obama Desired by President Obama | Source
Holly Willoughby Voted The Most Desirable Woman of 2013
Holly Willoughby Voted The Most Desirable Woman of 2013 | Source
Jennifer Lawrence  Voted The Most Desirable Woman of 2013 /usa
Jennifer Lawrence Voted The Most Desirable Woman of 2013 /usa | Source

First Lady Michelle Obama #33

First Lady Michelle Obama #33 in, in the ninety-nine women contestants. Michelle has won first, two times with her husband, President Obama.

What I think makes Michelle Obama so desirable is she has natural beauty and what I mean by that is, her beauty originates from the inside with a kind and generous heart, loves her family, stands by her husband in whatever his decisions maybe. Her natural beauty is visible and not enhanced with tons of makeup. Michelle is talented without taking off her clothes, successful enough on her own before she became The First Lady. She didn't have to do any favors to get where she is before falling in love and marrying OUR President. Did I leave out something? Oh yeah, she is smart and sexy with out blown up boobs and cosmetic surgery, she's beautiful all by herself. She's sexy enough without having to pose half naked. Now, that's what real beauty is. With all these desirable characteristics, The First Lady should have been #1 again, making it the third time of being first and not #33.

I have looked at some of the women scores, many of the other contestants scored higher in the area of sex appeal and success than the two who actually won. I'm sure it was not meant for anyone to understand how the two that won was selected using the two categories, sex appeal and success. Since it was suppose to be by vote, go and look at everybody's scores and see what I'm referring to. and

Until three days ago, I had never heard of, and their ninety-nine women contestants where men cast their votes online for "The Most Desirable Woman Of 2013." According to their website, they have 20 million readers, how could I not know about this magazine? I did find out that it is a free online magazine for men. Perhaps I'm not social enough is the reason I never heard about the online magazine for men.

Both magazines held the contest, in the US and the UK. What I don't understand is why both had to host the same contest? I was looking at the names and I saw the same woman in both contest. For an example, Jennifer Lawrence was in both, the US and the UK. I think that is what sparked my curiosity to look into it further.

I also wanted to know what traits men think a woman should have in order to be desirable, well other than a pretty face, big boobs and a twist in her walk. So I began my search to see how these women were judged/scored to win the competition. The only categories I saw on the women pages were success and sex appeal. Each category had a score number beside the category. Don't have a coronary, I'm not going to tell you about all 99 of the constants.

Holly Marie Willoughby

Congratulations, Holly Marie Willoughby! Voted by the men of the United Kingdom as "The Most Desirable Woman of 2013."

She is 31, her previous years were filling as she modeled but she strived higher for more. Her journey led her to becoming a television personality, hosting a variety of shows and now she is co-hosting This Morning Show.

The Top Five for the UK

  1. Holly Willoughby, model and television personality
  2. Jennifer Lawrence, Actress, Hunger Games
  3. Cheryl Cole, Girl's Aloud
  4. Kate Upton, model
  5. Jessica Ennis, Olympic Athlete

Jennifer Lawrence

Congratulations Jennifer Lawrence! Voted by the men of the United States as "The Most Desirable Woman of 2013."

Jennifer is a 22 years old a actress, Her fans and the general public associate her with the character Katniss on the Hunger Games. Does anyone remember the movie she played in with Charlize Theron called the Burning Plain? That movie was a flop and put her movie making career in limbo until a director cast her in a low budget film, Winter's Bone.

The Top Five For The USA:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence, actress
  2. Mila Kunis, actress and also named "The Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire Magazine
  3. Kate Upton, model and was on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
  4. Rihanna, top pop song artist
  5. Emma Stone, actress in the Oscar nominated film "The Help"

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