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No to Fashion Faux Pas in Corporate Uniforms

Updated on August 1, 2012

Corporations are known to keep by its corporate image or the image that they want the people to see or perceive them. It is the image of what the company stands for so they make sure it is a positive one. Corporations have marketing strategies and experts (and even spend big) to ensure that it stays that way because everyone knows that this can make or unmake a company’s appeal to the masses. Professionals employed by corporations unknowingly have also something to do with the corporate image of any organization or corporation. That’s the reason why corporate uniforms are a big factor in how proficient and competent a corporate can be.

Any person will not have any second thoughts of entertaining an employee of a corporation when he or she looks adept and experienced to handle the work. No matter where employees go, they will be representing their companies and looking professional is required of them. As employees are the front line of the company, they are the ones who will be seen by clients and customers alike, they are the ones who will interact with the people and they are expected to look the part. It is thus imperative that corporate uniforms or business shirts reflect the professional image that the company wants to convey. There are several things that should be taken in consideration when wearing your uniforms. Although it is but human to err but there are blunders that need not happen, or can essentially be avoided when it comes to your uniforms.

corporate uniforms

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Here are 5 guidelines that your staff can use to avoid making huge uniforms gaffe:

1. The color of the uniforms should be suitable to all employees. There are times when the color of the uniform makes another one look sickly or insipid which we all want to avoid. It is thus best to use neutral colors or basic colors like that look more classic and elegant.

2. Correct size is a must. Yes, sometimes tight is okay but looking like a mummy does not make you look capable. In fact it might make you less efficient because you are uncomfortable; maybe you can barely move or even breathe because of the tightness of the uniform.

3. Uniforms should not be revealing. There should be a specified length for skirts that allow you to work comfortably, so that even when you bend over it will not show any body parts that at best should remain private. Corporate pants on one hand should not be so low rise that underwear should peek. It may be okay for casual wear but it is a big no-no for a professional impression.

4. The same way that the pants or skirts have the proper length, so should the tops or business shirts be proper and appropriate, too. If you are not wearing a coat or corporate jacket, then make sure that your tops do not reveal skin that could possibly cause havoc to the male population of the office. It would look so unprofessional especially if you are meeting male clients and you’re a woman. On the other hand, male employees should also ensure that their uniforms are not revealing and suggestive at all. Proper decorum is still important especially to maintain the image of your good office.

5. If your corporate uniform has a company logo, make sure that the jackets are properly worn and not dangling on any post. Company logos that have been perfectly digitized and embroidered on your uniforms should in fact serve as your 24/7 promotional ads. But if the uniform is stained, wet with sweat, or draped over a bag or your arm, they not only become useless but in fact can create a negative impression on others.

Pants Vs Skirts

Which do you prefer as a corporate uniform paired with your business shirts?

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