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Nudie Jeans Buyers Guide

Updated on March 13, 2014

Nudie Jeans

It all started in Sweden

As with a lot of quietly confident things Nudie Jeans originates from Sweden. Founded in 1999 by Maria Erixsson who was a former Lee Jeans Employee it quickly became one of a bunch of new clothing brands emerging from Sweden at the time. It only took a few years for Nudie to become a well known name in the over saturated denim market and since then the brand has grown year on year.

One of the key factors to Nudie's success is the cut of their jeans, instead of being tied down to tradition they were able to make cuts that customers wanted and designs that were a great balance of classic and with the times. Their simple branding was also a great design move with a wnice stitched in wave design on the back pockets.

The Breaking In.

If you decide to buy a pair of raw unwashed denim jeans from Nudie then their are a few steps that you should follow to make sure that you get the best out of them.

1. First of all after choosing a pair that fits you just right you should of course start to wear them.

2. Do not wash your jeans for the first 6 months of wearing them. To a lot of people this might seem strange but in the world of raw denim this is the minimum amount of time that you shouldn't wear them for.

3. If you are unfortunate enough to spill anything on your jeans then just us a damp cloth to pat them down to remove the stain.

4. If your jeans start to smell a little with in the 6 month period then it is my advice to pop them outside on the washing line for a day in a good strong wind. This should freshen them up.

5. Once the 6 months is up, or a little longer if you like then wash your jeans on a 40 degree wash with a little cleaning agent. Once washed stretch them out a little and hung them on the line to dry. This should leave you with a nice effect on the jeans which is all yours.

All these tips are not just for Nudie Jeans they will work on any good quality raw denim.

A Few Of Nudie's Choice Cuts

1. The Average Joe

Lets start with a good all round Jean for every one. The Average Joe comes with a regular straight fit and a button fly. The waist line is of average height and the bottom of the leg has a 8.4 inch leg opening.

2. Thin Finn

Now the Thin Finn is more of a specialist Jean. It comes in a tight fit which features a low yolk on the back of the Jean. The waist is standard and they have a zip fly. The bottom of the Jean is a tight 6.6 inches.

3. Grim Tim

The Grim Tim is a great all round Jean which isn't to loose but at the same time not to tight. It comes in a slim straight fit and it has a button fly. The waist has a average rise and the opening at the bottom of the leg has an opening of 7.5 inch. These look great in a heavy wash.

A Nice Little Video From Nudie

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The Future

I can certainly see Nudie being one of those brands which in a hundred years time we are talking about in the same vein as Levis and the like. They are not one of these fly by night denim brands that have appeared and then disappeared in the blink of an eye, since they first came about they change the way people thought of denim and they have introduced new cut and new washed to a game which everybody thought was completely explored.

Nudie have crafted there own space in the denim world and it is a space that they will be occupying for a long time in the future, in fact it was a space that nobody thought existed until they made it for them selves.


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