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Nurse Watches for Women

Updated on April 3, 2015

Why should you choose a special nurse watch?

Nurse watches for women are necessary because there are certain rules and regulations you have to abide to when you work in the health service. There are also useful watch functions that can aid you with your job and I will discuss these below.

Firstly I will consider the rules and regulations. In the health service you are not allowed to wear anything below the elbow; this includes a watch. Watches and jewellery carry germs from patient to patient and it is best to minimise the spread of germs in a clinical environment.

However a watch is a very useful thing to have when you are a nurse and you can still have one in your possession. You can have it in your pocket or clipped onto your uniform. How you choose you wear it depends on personal preference.

Why not buy one of these as a graduation gift for someone who is newly qualified.

Are you just starting out?

Is this your first nursing job?

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How a Nurse watch is useful?

Do not think that a nurse watch for women is not required because you can not wear it on your wrist the way most people do. Nurses can make use of watches for all sorts of things.

Firstly they can use it as a stopwatch or timer. You can also use your mobile phone for this but remember these are also not permitted near hospital wards so it is best you use your watch.

Nurses are required to measure patient's pulse and they can use the second hand on their watch or a stopwatch function to time one minute.

At night when the wards may be dark nurses still have to perform timely functions and they can use a light on their watch to help them. This can be used to look at medication labels or a patient's chart.

Sometimes patients require urgent appointments within the hospital and a nurse needs to ensure that the patient gets to the appointment at the right time. If she has a watch in her pocket whilst on a ward round she can set an alarm to ensure this happens.

These are just a few of the ways nurses use a watch when on duty.

Which type of nurse watch?

Pocket Watch or Clip on Watch

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Glow in the dark nurse watch


Nurse Watch under $20

If you are just starting out as a nurse you will want as cheap a watch as possible but one that performs well. The Prestige medical watch to the left is excellent value for money has been highly rated by those that purchased it.

This glow in the dark nurse watch will be useful for those nurses who work night duty. Reviewers have said a pocket watch or clip on watch is essential because nurses are forever washing their hands between patients and other wrist watches get in the way of hand washing.

Prestige Medical Nurse Lapel Glow Watch

Great watch for young nurses

If you want to buy a gift for a young nurse who happens to be a girly girl this pink brooch watch will be perfect.

It is priced at less than $10 and has been proven to keep good record of time. Some people have said it might pull off easily but this should be secured with an extra pin.

As far as I am aware it does not glow in the dark but will be good for daytime workers.

Do you keep a special timepiece for work?

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  • These are perfect for this occupation
  • They make a great affordable gift
  • They come in several styles
  • They are also available in different colours.

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