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Nylon Panties For Men

Updated on November 13, 2010

Though nylon might originally have been developed by American scientists as a material with which to invisibly lasso the moon and really freak out the Russians during the Cold War, it has now found a much more sensual and perhaps even practical purpose in nylon panties.

More economical than silk or satin, nylon panties nevertheless retain a certain pleasing softness and lightness of fabric that makes them huge favorites among men who wear lingerie, not to mention the lady shoppers who have tirelessly popularized them over the years.

Full brief nylon panties are ideal for the man who wears lingerie for the purposes of enjoying the soft and silky caress of the material against his skin. They are quite commonly trimmed with lace around the waist and leg band, making for pleasing aesthetic qualities as well as sensual ones. Other varieties of nylon panties may incorporate lace into the sides of the panties, or perhaps even make a lace front or back panel. Lace and nylon go together like wine and cheese, except for your nether regions.

Lets take a look at a few pairs of nylon panties.

The commando nylon panty is one specifically designed to give great coverage and also leave no panty lines, perfect for the man who likes to wear panties out and about but doesn't want to be caught doing it. Also ideal for the man who is about sensation rather than appearance, you may even be able to get away with wearing these in plain view without anyone knowing you're wearing women's panties. (In the privacy of your own home, of course, arrest and subsequent charges may result if you try that outdoors. We should all be ashamed of our bodies, you see. That's a super use of the law.)

These panties are quite similar, but feature sweet floral embroidery across the top of the panties, providing that popular feminine feel. The nylon is so sheer that you can almost see through it, making these quite an alluring pair of panties indeed. Panties by Vanity Fair.

Or if you're after something completely different altogether, these nylon panties from Wacoal fit the bill. Made from sheer stretch mesh, they're a little naughty, and quite revealing. The product description states that the front of these panties is lightly lined for modesty, but for you immodesty types, a few minutes work with some sharp shears should take care of that. (Oh yes, I know you do that, damn panty hackers.)


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