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How To: Oil Cleaning Method and Why it Works

Updated on September 30, 2013

I didn't know what to do any more and I was running out of steam to even care any more. After I gave birth to my son 3 years ago I stopped using foundation. Was too tired to care with a newborn around and I'm happy to say that to this day I still don't use foundation, only a little somethin' somethin' around my eyes.This spring I began using the brand Clinique. Which I loved in the beginning. But as with everything I have used the last year if there's no difference after using it for 2 months then I give my face a rest and I start something new. Well this time my something new was the Oil Cleansing Method and I can't see myself quitting.

My Story

Through my life so far I have struggled with acne ridden skin. Sometimes so painful to the touch it makes my eyes water. Trying so many products I came to the realisation I'm just stuck with skin I can't control. As much as I hate to say it I never enjoyed the way I looked because of it. I would always make it worse by using make-up to cover it...but at least I didn't have to look at it. I have used many many products over many years, even using Accutane when I was younger. With nothing helping long term.

How to Make it

All this wonderful formula contains is Castor Oil and Sunflower Seed oil. With the perfect amount of each, used once a day if that you'll have wonderfully smooth, soft, glowing skin. All you need to get is:
- Bottle of Castor oil
- Bottle of Sunflower seed oil
- Bottle to put the mixture into

That's it. You then proceed to mix them together according to percentage guideline.

  • Dry Skin: Roughly 10% Castor Oil and 90% Sunflower seed oil
  • In-The-Middle Skin: Roughly 20% Castor Oil to 80% Sunflower seed oil
  • Oily Skin: Roughly 30% Castor Oil to 70% Sunflower seed oil

Personally I'm leaning more towards the dry skin regimen.You can tell what you need more of as time goes. I suggest starting at balanced and going from there. If your skin feels more dry while using it then you need to use less castor oil. If it feels to oily then you need to use more castor oil. Which is why I started in the middle range and went from there. I was sure I would go the more oily route but to my surprise I went the opposite way.

Step by Step to use it

  1. Do not get hands or face wet (Weird I know)
  2. Pour a nice puddle in your palm of your mixture
  3. Rub your hands together to warm it up and smear onto face. (You can use it to get make up off. It really does work, I suggest waiting to get it on your eyes til your just about done though)
  4. Work it gently but firmly into your skin all over your face. Rubbing in circles.
  5. Work it in until you feel satisfied that it has worked deep into your pores.
  6. Don't forget about your eyes if this was your plan.
  7. When your satisfied take a wash cloth and run it under hot (not scalding) water and bring the cloth to your face
  8. Hold it there until it cools. Opening your pores to "drain the oil out."
  9. Gently wipe away the oil.
  10. Rinse your cloth good and repeat the steaming your face process.
  11. Repeat gently wiping your face.
  12. At this point your done. I usually jut let my face air dry.

The reason I let my face air dry is so when and if my face feels tight I put a drop or so of my oil mixture into my palms and work it into my damp face. Mostly into the tight areas.I would stear away from using more then a drop just because its meant as a cleanser.If you do run into irritatingly tight skin then I strongly suggest a LITTLE bit of coconut oil worked into your skin. It is amazing plus has great properties as well. Make sure with any oil you are putting on your skin that you work it in well. You don't want it sitting on the surface of your skin without being cleaned off. Also when your container is empty be sure to clean it well (dishwasher).


What Does It Do

Has anyone heard the term like erases like? Basically this is that principle sort of. Marker erases marker and oil erases oil (more so dissolves). When you use Castor oil on your face in works down into your pores with the help of your "carrier oil" in our case that is sunflower seed oil, to get out the deep down dirt. By steaming your face with the cloth you help the oil draw out that stubborn dirt, then you gently wipe it away. Rinse your cloth and repeat it. Castor oil is very think and has strong properties where if we didn't dilute it with a carrier oil you would have surprisingly dry skin. Which is why in that case you would add more of the carrier oil. Sunflower seed oil has many great benefits for your skin and it feels great to massage in, same with castor oil.


Don't be afraid to add oil to your face. If done properly it can be extremely beneficial. There are many factors that lead to zits, blemishes, white/black heads. At least for me, at this point putting oil on my face seemed like the last I wish I would have done first.

What's stopping you from trying?

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© 2013 tgopfrich


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