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Updated on July 18, 2012

Out With The Old In With The YOU

So, it has been about 5 years this summer, since you first went through your closet and notice that most of your clothes just don't fit any more. You have told yourself that you are going to go on a diet and start exercising, why not, you only have about 20 to 30 pounds to lose and then you can get right back in those clothes. You figure that if you tighten your abs, that you surely would be able to zip up your favourite pair of jeans again, no problem, or so you thought.

You have bought the new and improved diet books and you figure that it won't be that hard to follow, I mean, you are already eating some of those foods any way. The tough spot would be giving up some of your favourite sweets but you figured it is about time you gave them up any ways.

Why not join a gym, you thought, lots of gyms are having specials and you can work out any time of the day you want. You figure you would start slow and do maybe three days a week and then step it up a bit, that sounds like a plan. It’s the summer time, you guess that you could jog for a bit each morning before work or in the evening just as it starts to cool down, why not, it sounds easy enough.

For the first day it seemed very easy, you got all the right ingredients to make a dietary meal and you have been into the gym, you've looked around and signed up. On the second day low and behold it is someone’s birthday at the office and a cake has been brought in for the celebration, but your not gonna have any because it is not on your diet plan. You were fine eating your salad at lunch and after work today you are heading to the gym.

You’re home now from the gym, the work out was good but hard. You moved muscles that you have not moved in a long time and you are tired and real hungry. What is listed on your diet plan for today is not gonna be enough to cover just how hungry you feel but you are strong. You are going to eat what you are supposed to eat and take a shower, then go to bed. Right now you are feeling on top of the world.

This is your third day of your new beginning and you can hardly get out of bed, you are so sore, you didn’t realize that you would be that sore. You are also starving, never have you ever been so hungry in the mornings before. You start altering your meals, maybe if you eat a little more in the morning, you could eat a little less for dinner and maybe you can skip today at the gym because your sore and go the next day.

It is the beginning of the pattern that you have followed for now nearly five years. Each summer you would come up with a new plan; add a home exercise video every now and then. You have bought a few pieces of exercise equipment that you now hang your clothes on and you even started walking for a bit until you got bored of it. Yet still you have not lost not one pound, in fact, it looks much like you might have added a few extra pounds. So stop stalling, march into that closet of yours and get rid of all those clothes that you know don’t fit you any more and have not for about five years!

Your closet is stuffed and packed to the brim because you have added a few jogging suits, and stretchy skirts and pants along with a few larger size blouses to get you through work. However behind them, still stuck in the midst of things, are all those clothes that no longer fit. In fact if you really look at them, they might even be out of fashion. Imagine if you remove all those clothes that don’t fit, just how much room you will have in your closet, that is room to maybe buy some up to date, stylish and fashionable clothes that do fit.

You can stop hiding behind frumpy old clothes that don’t flatter your body and just own up to your size, and add some fashion, colour and style to your wardrobe. Step out this year into yourself, stop holding on to what was and connect to what is. If some day you lose the weight then some day you will buy new clothes to fit you but for now, unburden your closet of the unfit and drab and load it up with the new comfortable you.

Imagine the joy you will feel when you go to your closet and pull anything at all out that you want to wear knowing that it will fit and look good on you too. You can mix and match and stylize up your wardrobe for the YOU that you are today. No need to be drab when you can be a fabulous YOU.

So come on get rid of those clothes that don’t fit and fit your closet up with new and exciting fashions of the new you. You will not only look great this summer, you will also feel fabulous as well.


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