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Obagi - Skin Care Products That Work!

Updated on January 18, 2010
YOU too, can have beautiful skin!
YOU too, can have beautiful skin!

Last week I went to my family doctor to have some routine blood work done. Yes, once again, it was time to find out if my cholesterol levels were in the healthy range. While I was sitting in the reception area anxiously awaiting my turn, I began to notice signs and advertisements for Obagi Skin Care. I then noticed a glass case (behind the reception desk) filled with all types of small jars and tubes…all of which I assumed, were Obagi products. "Oh no," I thought to myself. "Has my family doctor hit such hard times that she must now sell beauty products on the side?" I instantly imagined her holding "make-up and skin care parties" similar to the ones that my wife occasionally goes to (think Mary Kay).  Before passing judgment (after all, I should find out what Obagi actually is before deciding that my doctor has completely lost it), I quickly grabbed a few of the Obagi Skin Care brochures and stuffed them into my pocket. Next thing I know, my name was called and off I went to be pricked by the lovely needle that was awaiting me.

Obagi, expensive, but worth it! Ask your doctor for more information!
Obagi, expensive, but worth it! Ask your doctor for more information!

What Exactly is Obagi Skin Care?

The good news is Obagi is actually a prescription skin care system that is APPROVED by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Whew, thank goodness! I was really worried that my doctor was throwing cosmetic and skin care parties between appointments! If that was the case, I think I would have to change my Primary Care Physician. So what does FDA approved actually mean? Well, it means that studies actually had to be performed in which proven benefits and claims made by the company (in this case, Obagi) have been reviewed and are in fact, true. It also means that all prescription products are monitored during the manufacturing process to assure potency and purity. I later found out that my primary care physician chose to carry Obagi because she truly believes in it and because of the fact that scientific studies actually back up the claims of the Obagi Skin Care line. There are aslo Obagi products that you can purchase without a perscription as well!

What Types of Skin Care Does Obagi Offer?

The Obagi Company offers a skin care system called, Obagi Nu- Derm. This system is more potent than those found in the drug store (Oil of Olay, for example) which is why you must have a prescription to actually purchase it. Nu-Derm is Obagi's original and most effective system (according to my doctor). Basically, in layman's terms, Nu-Derm increases keratinocyte cell turnover which decreases dead cells and increases healthy ones. Over time, it evens out skin tone and color (which is a good thing!). It also makes your skin stronger and more resilient. How? Well, Nu-Derm increases natural hydration within the skin…and we all know that hydrated skin is much better than dry, dead skin! Obagi helps to create and repair healthy, uniform skin cells and improves blood flow due to the growth of capillaries.

Obviously, it takes time for ANY skin care system to work….so patience is key. If someone invented a skin care line that worked over-night, we'd all be using it! As with any skin care system, the results you achieve with Obagi will vary, however, it should be noted that most, if not all patients saw some improvement. I must warn you however, that beautiful skin does not come cheap! When I inquired about the cost of a small (and I mean small) jar of Obagi Under Eye Cream, I was told that it would cost me $65.00 (the complete kit was approximately $350). Ouch…but hey, can you really put a price on beauty and healthy skin?


If reading this Obagi skin care HUB has piqued your interest and you want to find out how to sell this particular skin care line, don't waste your time! Because you must be able to write perscriptions in order to sell this product, you must be a doctor! Of course, you can go into medical sales and sell Obagi to physician's offices…however, that is an actual, full-time job (and personally, it doesn't sound interesting or fulfilling to me). If you want to become self employed and sell beauty and skin care products then you should check out Avon and or Mary Kay instead! Good luck and here's to healthy and beautiful skin!


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      Momoh jossy 5 years ago

      How do i get obagi product of cream am in nigeria i have burns on my face my email adress is

    • profile image

      phytomer 7 years ago

      I have been reading great reviews about Obagi products lately.

    • profile image

      obagi reviews 7 years ago

      I didn't know about this Obagi products till I went to Japan. Obagi is very popular over there. I purchased couple of their products and have been using them for a little over a month. And I am really amazed by the result! My skin has gone smooth and brighter, and those black spots on my cheeks are disappearing. Amazing product!