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Octopus Hair Clips For Thick Hair Styles

Updated on October 25, 2010

For those with thick gorgeous hair, you know that you are the envy of your thin hair friends. They wish they could hair the locks you were born with. What your thinner haired friends don't understand is that thick hair is not all wonderful.

Thick hair styles are the envy, but managing your locks requires more time, energy, and hair product. In addition, it can be near impossible to get the cute hair accessories to hold thick hair in place. Regular barrettes, hairbands, and clips just can't hold all of your hair.

So while your thinner haired friends maybe jealous of you for having such luscious locks for curly or straight hairstyles, you may be feeling a little jealous yourself for not being able to pin up all your hair as easily as they may. It's hard to find the best hair clips for thick hair styles. Trust me, I know. The family joke is that I have more hair then my mom, sister, and my daughter combined. I actually don't have more hair, I just have thick hair. So I'm an self proclaimed expert on trying to find the best hair clips for thick hair.

Octopus Hair Clips For Thick Hair

In my opinion the best clips for thick hair are Octopus hair clips. These are a wonderful solution to casual updo's for thick hair. They hold larger amounts of hair, and keep it held tight. No more fall out throughout the day.

To use an octopus hair clip, grab hair and pull back as if to pull into a ponytail. Twist hair tightly, flip up and use the octopus hair clip to grab and hold tight. Use a little hair spray on the top and separate hair strands so that it pours out of the clip like a fountain.

I also like to pull back my hair as If I'm doing a regular pony tail, or just doing a partial pony. I use the octopus hair clip over my pony tail holder. It makes my thick hair behave and presentable for going out.

There are many other ways to achieve very attractive casual hairstyles with the hairclip. Play and practice and enjoy the freedom of putting thick updo hairstyles to use for work or play. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve. You will either want to choose the octopus hair claw, or octopus hair bun jaw. The later, will hold your hair in a bun tightly, without fail. For everyday and work, I always just use the regular octopus hair claw clips for thick hair.


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