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5 Skin Areas Women Should Never Overlook

Updated on January 1, 2018
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As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is always better than cure. The skin, the largest organ in the body, deserves great attention and care. It is a fact that age is often revealed by the state of one's skin.

You might not be aware of it and think it trivial BUT there body spots that you most likely overlook. This is a big mistake that could cause irreversible damage.

Every woman should be concerned since these are the same spots that would most likely show the first signs of aging. Aging is a natural process but you can hasten its effect by putting that extra care on spots that are often ignored.

1. Neck

The neck is is the area commonly exposed to the harsh elements of the sun and dust. The skin in this particular area has relatively lesser fat and reduced protection making it requiring one's care.

This spot is more susceptible to sunburn, dryness, wrinkling, pigmentation and lines. It is important that women should not overlook this area by applying moisturizer and sunscreen when necessary.

Treat the neck area, both the front and back, as an extension of your face. It also gets irritated easily and some people have the habit of spraying colognes and perfumes on the back of the ear. This can lead to to irritation and breakouts if not given the proper care.

With the availability of surgical procedures and enhancements such as botox injections, face lifting procedures, many women (and men) seem to to find the key to the fountain of youth with the aid of these medical procedures. However, no matter how young a face looks, the skin in one's neck can easily give away a person's age.

Treat the neck as if it is an extension of the face. When moisturizing, make it a habit to extend this TLC to the neck. Maintaining moisture will help you retain that supple and fuller skin both in the front and back part of the neck.

In the same manner, if harsh soaps are a big no-no to facial skin, apply the same rule with the neck area.

Refrain from spraying perfume on the neck as these fragrances may have ingredients that will further irritate the skin and may cause pigmentation. Start applying sunblock or sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

The next time you clean, exfoliate, moisturize and tone your face, why not going further down south a little bit. Such extra care will prove to be of great help later on.

2. Decollete or chest

To make skin supple and fresh-looking in your decollete or chest area, try not to unnecessarily overexpose this area to the elements such as sun and dust. Refrain from using bar soaps with harsh chemicals and strong scents that will likely cause irritation to this sensitive spot.

Also, some metals in necklaces and other accessories may cause a reaction when kept close to the skin. As with the neck, moisturizers will keep this spot supple and smooth.

3. Hands

Skin in the hands is prone to dryness due to frequent use and handwashing on a daily basis. Slathering on lotion is a ritual many women do after any bath, but some forget to do the same on the hands.

Just like the neck, the skin in the hands is quite thin with little fat underneath making it prone to dryness and wrinkle.

The hands of older people can be seen with veins and wrinkle. To prevent dryness, make it a point to carry a small bottle of moisturizing lotion in your handbag and even in your car and try to moisturize hands during the day or every after washing.

When hand washing, it would be advisable to use mild soap to prevent natural moisture loss leading to hand irritation and dryness.

One may likewise avail of hand spas or salons for some basic hand scrubs. Before sleeping at night, do moisturize your hands once more.

4. Feet

Just as in the hand, caring for the feet is often overlooked by most. With the exception of people who have foot fetish, feet is often neglected. The feet deserves much needed attention since it is the most used part as we do almost all of our activities with it.

Note that the skin in this part of the body also needs a lot of moisturizing. One may moisturize the skin in the feet by applying lotion before to go to sleep, and at anytime of the day whenever possible. Remove dry skin by getting a foot scrub at a foot spas or by practicing simple at-home foot care.

Treat tired feet with a warm soak with lukewarm water and rock salt mixture. Towel dry afterwards and apply a generous slather of foot lotion. Foot lotions come in different varieties these days.

Moreover, before you sleep, apply foot moisturizer and lock in the moisture by wearing socks all night. Also, try to apply petroleum jelly to calloused skin to make them softer. One may also opt for special ointments to treat hardened skin in your feet.

Give these extra attention to these oft-neglected skin areas while still in your twenties and it will work wonderfully to giving you that smooth and youthful skin later in life. Make sure to hydrate as often as possible, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and avoid too much processed food. Be kind to your skin, and it will do the same to you.

5. Elbows and Arms

The skin in the elbow makes for the easier movement of the upper limbs and it is supposed to be that stretchable skin. Care should be take to keep them soft and smooth.

One can do this by applying moisturizers and lotion to prevent them from drying out or turning black. You can also do a mini-exfoliation every week to enhance the growth of new skin in the elbow.

The arms can do well to frame a woman's body and therefore care should be taken to make them look and feel soft and smooth. Exfoliate regularly and if you have the time learn a few exercises to tone those biceps.


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