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Olay Total Effects Review

Updated on November 5, 2012

The Company

Olay has been a trusted skin care brand for several decades now, these products are carried internationally, and are loved by women across the globe. Originally, the company was created in 1949 in South Africa as Oil of Olay, a play on words of the main ingredient "lanolin". Interestingly, this product became popularized strictly from word of mouth, pharmacy's approached the company to carry the product in store because of overwhelming demand from consumers. Eventually, Oil of Olay was introduced to the UK as Oil of Ulay, to Australia as Oil of Ulan, and to France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands as Oil of Olaz. In 1985, Proctor & Gamble acquired the company and carried it's popularity even further internationally. In 1999, P&G unified the brand name as "Olay".


Olay Total Effects Review

I have been using Total Effects 7x Anti-Aging Moisturizing Complex - SPF Protection, for almost a year now. At this point in my life, I am starting to fight fine lines. Before I started using Olay, I was using a more expensive moisturizer, but having just bought our first home, we ended up having to be very frugal with our money, so I decided to make the switch. I picked Olay, because of rave reviews from consumers I found online at Amazon and MakeupAlley. The price isn't bad, usually retails for somewhere between $20-$30, I still find it a little expensive, but I can get it cheaper on Ebay, or I go to the Proctor & Gamble website and get coupons for it. I have fair, combination skin, and I was worried that my oily spots would look really oily because of this moisturizer, but was pleasantly surprised when I found that it helps control the oil on my face. I love how quickly this product absorbs into my skin, and instantly you can feel how soft and smooth your skin is. After about a week or so, I noticed a reduction in the size of my pores, and I found that my skin tone also evened out nicely. I also like the SPF protection this moisturizer provides, it felt not to think about the harmful rays of the sun, because my daily skincare routine took care of that. As far the the anti-aging aspect of this moisturizer, I do have a few fine lines and they are less noticeable. Also, I haven't developed any new lines either. The Total Effects line carries eye creams and cleansers as well, which I have not tried, but I am sure they work well too. I usually just buy a cheap mild soap for my face. The way I see it, facial cleansers are just rinsed off so why spend big bucks on them. It's better to spend money on the moisturizer as it's the product that will actually be absorbed by you skin. Another benefit of the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer, when I apply my make-up it seems to go on much smoother. Overall, I would highly recommend this moisturizer to anyone, I think it is well worth the money it costs, and I will be purchasing this product again and again. Although, I am interested in the Olay Regenerist line of moisturizers as well, because they have amazing reviews too, maybe I will try this product next!


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