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On fleek eyebrows with Smashbox products

Updated on March 29, 2016

Some women talk about mascara or lip balm being their "desert island" cosmetic. A desert island cosmetic is the one thing you might take if stranded on a desert island, just to be presentable to whomever might find and rescue you. But really, they should consider products to beautify their brows! Smashbox has several revolutionary products to help out. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Smashbox was founded by two descendants of Hollywood makeup pioneer Max Factor: Dean and Davis Factor. They have a celebrity photo studio and found that many of the cosmetics on the market didn't meet their stage requirements . . . just like their ancestor had. So, in the same vein, they created an innovative cosmetics line!

To know just how crucial brows are to looking youthful and fashionable, just take a look at some pictures of celebrities taken several years apart. Often the older ones aren't bothering with fashioning their fading or disappeared eyebrows. They look like newborn parrots!

But you don't want to go in the opposite direction, with clearly drawn-on looking brows resembling the late drag queen Divine. Today's brows are full with a slight arch. Real brows have gloss and dimension. Can you create what ain't?

Yes! For super professional results, start with the award-winning Brow Tech to Go -- perfect for traveling. The waterproof pencil comes in believable hair shades, self-sharpens at a makeup artist's angle. If you've ever had your makeup done professionally, you've no doubt observed them taking a knife to sharpen an eyebrow pencil to just the right point. Now, Smashbox has done all the tricky work for you!

Then, there's a new product that changes the whole beauty game: Brow Tech Shaping Powder. It adds fibers that look like real-life hair that you might have actually grown . . . if you could. Lightly trace a line over your pencil shape. This powder gives you the dimension other cosmetics never could.

Finally, go back to your Brow Tech to Go and unscrew the other end. It's a gel brush! Real life brows have a healthy gloss, so you're going to create one. Gently brush a bit on, taking care not to destroy your handiwork. The gel sets everything, too.

Now, you have the young looking, lush brows of your dreams to face the world!


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