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Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen .16 fl oz (4.7 ml)

Updated on January 13, 2010

Why Buy Oscar Blandi Pronto


When doing your online purchase on many of the beauty products available one should consider this wonderful make up pen. Oscar Blandi Pronto is not that expensive but will last for some months if properly used. At Amazon stores online you will be able to purchase this product at about $23, which many people are able to part with, if you want proper make up and beauty then parting with $23 dollars should not be a problem

Oscar Blandi Pronto Description

Illumination Golden Blonde - standard blonde hair, which comes with natural or highlighted gold or caramel tones, Oscar Blandi Pronto is able to fix your color instantly without having any problem and that’s makes it the better choice to go for at Amazon.


Oscar Blandi Pronto Description


The product is manufactured such that the formula is free of ammonia and peroxide, which makes toxic free to use. It comes with many gentle conditioners.  Oscar Blandi Pronto dries fast when used, the product is a water proof and do not clump at all, the package is such that it is portable and easy to apply

The Benefit of Oscar Blandi Pronto

·         Its provides natural-looking color

·         Very easy to apply, no technical tutorial needed

·         Portable packaging

·         Ability to stay put for long until your shampoo runs out

Oscar Blandi Ingredients

Below are just a few ingredients that the pen is made of, you will be able to get the full details once you buy this product or visit Amazon for more details about this wonderful product

·         Aqua,

·         Cyclopentasiloxane,

·         Ethylhexyl Palmitate,

·         Quaternium 90 Bentonite,

·         Propylene Carbonate,

·         Isopropyl Palmitate,

·         Propylene Glycol,

·         Kaolin,

·         Talc,

·         Stearic Acid,


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