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Outrageous Rhinestone Jewelry For Women For Men

Updated on August 29, 2009

Rhinestones are natures way of saying 'Hell yeah, you're shiny and hot,'. Which is why, if you happen to be hot, and perhaps a little shiny, you should definitely wear them. Rhinestones can be worn by men or women, though women often corner the market on them because, like ravens, they want to take them back to their nests and make their nests look pretty.

Men can totally get in on the rhinestone act as well though, and shouldn't let the 'women's' label scare them off. There are plenty of pieces of jewelry intended for women being worn by men, and plenty of men who wear more jewelry than a woman could even hope to carry. Case in point, this guy:

Personally though, unless one wants to appear to be a successful rap artist, or perhaps an underground Russian Mafia don, one should tone down the bling just a little. One should also never refer to jewelry as 'bling' on pain of being considered gauche.

A couple of pieces for inspiration:


Are you anti gun control laws? Why not pack some heat around your neck with these twin Rhinestone six shooters? I can't imagine anything more alluring, except perhaps a cannon, or maybe a rocket ship. Yes, imagine that, wearing the power of a rocket ship around your neck. If that didn't attract prospective mates, I don't know what would.

Rhinestone Cross

Do guns seem a little too violent to you? Want something a little more devout? Why not wear a rhinestone cross? Sure, the cross was the instrument of torturous death for the worst criminals, but that's no reason not to wear it around your neck. In a few hundred years time, people will probably be wearing little water boards around their necks.

Rhinestone Key

For something much less controversial, you could try a Rhinestone necklace in the shape of a key. I'm not sure what this would say about you as a person, but it could indicate that you are a big fan of keys, or perhaps a locksmith. The ambiguity inherent in such a necklace could prove an interesting talking point in bars.

What Are Rhinestones ?

Let's educate ourselves a little on Rhinestones, shall we? A Rhinestone is a fake diamond. This makes it much less expensive than diamonds. Rhinestones can be made from rock crystal (quartz) and it is from this type of material that the rhinestone got its name. Rhinestones were originally pieces of quartz gathered from the river Rhine. Nowadays they may still be made from rock crystal, and Rhinestones from eminent makers such as Swarovski are usually made from rock crystal. Other modern materials used to make Rhinestones include glass and even acrylic.


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