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Outstanding Beauty!!!

Updated on January 11, 2016



Outstanding Beauty!!

Women and men have different ideas on what is beautiful and what is true beauty. Looks on the outside of a person tends to be the first thing most men notice about a woman's beauty. Thia is unfortunate for most women because there is so much beauty inside of a woman that a man does not see in the women that may not be as attractive on the outside.

God made men and women different and this is a blessing for most of us. Yes, as we get older we all change and our skin gets wrinkles and our hair tends to grey. This is life though and there is no stopping it. Progress into true beauty is what a person can contribute to one another. True beauty in a woman can be found not by just looking at her, but listening to what she has to say. I believe that most men forget our mothers and what they use to tell us , and how we felt after having a discussion with us about a subject. You could feel her love once she spoke to most of us or her disappointment. There is a look that a woman can give you that says stay away from me, also and mothers had this look also. However, I am speaking of love more than outstanding beauty , when speaking about looks and inner personality,

Outstanding and Beautiful


Women and Beauty

An outstanding woman that is beautiful on the outside as well as the inside is a difficult find for a guy. We see models in magazines and see the beauty part, or watch television and see beauty but we don't know the person and to make false judgements about a woman is what men do. In this type of situation there are men that judge beauty from the outside only , then discover when knowing this person how shallow she may be in some instances. Men get a feeling that if a woman is beautiful, she is perfect in all aspects. This is not true though as there are many women who do not have the outside beauty of a model , but in knowing them through conversation , you fall in love with the person they are.The outside imperfections are of no value to a woman with these attributes and there are so many that feel that they are fat and ugly when in retrospect they are the most beautiful women on earth.

A loving man or woman is more important than their outside body structure when it comes to true , outstanding beauty in a person. In our real world , men are taking their chances on the outside perfections of these model type women and finding not true love but hostility because of jealousy and then the relationship sours. The most beautiful woman in the planet could be a woman that is just herself!! Though , in our culture it is pure outside beauty that entices women to have all sorts of cosmetic operations and go on weight programs to loook like their ideal self. Men have the same issue as they age, and it can come from losing their hair to having a bulging tummy and many health related issues.

You are true perfection!! Whether you are overweight or too tall and skinny, and do not look like a model. You are a product of God and he made you with his love and gave to women words that can encourage a man to look beyond her beauty on the outside of her. This is difficult for most women to understand, and most men do not see it until they are spoken to by these outstanding beauties. Men have always been visul at first , and then they have a conversation with these knock out ,outside beauties and find out they are not as friendly as imagined. Do not be afraid to go up to a man and tell him that you like him and would like to talk over coffee or something like this. He may not of notice you , because he was staring at a model type looking young lady , and then with your smile and outward spoken words you will have his attention.

We live in a world of commercials and advertising that abounds us all to what is beautiful in a person. What is perceived as beauty on a billboard sign and the reality of getting to know a person one on one is two different things completely. If we can just get this into our brains and remember the beauty of our siblings and how they treated us and how we did not judge them on their looks, this would change the world of beauty.

There will always be those people that think outside beauty is where our eyes and brain stop, when looking for a lover or a relationship. The internet makes this possible with online dating and we are all guilty of looking for perfection as we use to skim through magazines looking at the beautiful people inside them. This is a false positive though, because you do not know this person on the inside.There are some online dating sites that seem to work for people, and they end up in marriage. Very few relationships work because of the pictures online may have been shot on a good hair day or a day when you were glowing with feeling good. They are not the real person that you will meet. These pictures represent a skeleton shot of what he or she looked like at a particular time in their life, and most do not look this way all the time. Think about what was just written, and imagine a picture you saw of a girl or guy that you liked and what they were wearing or doing. This is a moment in time and that moment is now gone and they change daily.

About Outstanding Beauty!!


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