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Updated on September 6, 2009

Just For Laughs

After seeing the beauty captured in these Kodak moments, I am not able to resist sharing them! The People Of Wal-Mart photo collection ( is comprised of some of the funniest pictures I have ever seen and I laughed until I cried.

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did! These are just too good to not pass along!

Sexy Legs

Strike a pose! It takes a strick diet of Cheese Nips to pull this look off, eat your heart out!

Trafford , PA


Fruit roll ups? No sir! Rolling those bad-boys up like Wal-Mart rolls back prices, as far as they will go! Strut it out baby!

Volusia , FL


My Tarot cards predict she is shopping for one.

Harrisburg , PA 

Not a Caveman

When he is not doing Geico commercials, he's showing off what can only be top of the line Wal-Mart work boots. The stroller sets off the ensemble, who needs a baby when this glorious creation doubles as a cart?

Richmond , VA

Go Ahead, Make My Day

 YIKES!! Wonder why THIS western never made it to the big screen!

Somewhere in GA

Shirt and Shoes Required

 An extra large Dickie without the turtle neck? Acid washed jeans, the half mullet, the potbelly hanging out from the tatters of "shirt", form a line ladies! Single file please!

Location Unknown

Take a Load Off

Wow! Does this look like one of those "draft-stoppers" you put at the bottom of your door in the winter to anyone else? That does NOT look comfortable! OUCH!

Clifton Park , NY

Dare Devil

With a noble attempt at parking lot para-sailing, several cases of beer prove to be to much for the custom designed shirt to take airborne. No worries, he will drink them and try it again! Stay tuned!

Cameron , Mo

I Would Like to Buy a Mirror Please

Look at those cute and cuddly stuffed...OH DEAR GOD!

Bennington VT


After he selects a phone, perhaps he would like to see something in the belt department.

Location Unknown

Less is More

 I'm pretty sure that the expression less is more doesn't apply here...

Hammond , Louisiana

Total Package

 This guy is the complete package:
- Faded forearm tattoos. CHECK
- Country/Western shirt from 1987. CHECK
- Stylish goatee, braided at chin. CHECK
- Do rag not covering up mullet. CHECK
- Pen in shirt pocket. WTF???

Corinth , Tx

Brittney Spears Impersonator?

I know Wal-Mart sizes can be a BIT unreliable, but come on!!

Louisville , KY

Mullet: Bought and Paid For

While the rest of the mullet lovers were growing out their locks like fools, this diva went straight to the top with four foot extensions! The color almost matches and everything!

Glendora , Ca


Whew! Looks like he's buying batteries for that electric hair trimmer! For a minute there I thought he was finished!

Johnson City , TN


So it's true...Wal-Mart DOES carry everything!!!

Owensboro , Ky

Fashion Statement

You have to admire a guy that can make his own clothes from bed sheets... and wonder about the girl that finds that attractive.

Conway , SC


That's just funny! Until you realize some parent let their child that still needs training wheels on his bike go to Wal-Mart alone and use a metal chain wrapped around an electrical outlet to protect what can only be a gift from grandma.... but other than that, pretty funny!

Finally Over

This was all in fun, and I hope that I have not offended anyone. The poll will tell me if I went to far. :) Thanks for reading!!


Did you find this HUB to be funny or offensive?

See results

note: the caption on 'total package' was taken from the existing picture found online, author unknown. The rest I wrote, but that one could not be improved on!!


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