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Padma Lakshmi's Jewelry Line Tastes Divine

Updated on November 16, 2010

There's nothing in this world that Padma Lakshmi cannot do. Whilst the rest of us stumble around looking for our car keys and wondering where the baby went, Padma is raising a baby, starring on a reality television show about people who cook food, running a spice company, and probably being a pirate on the high seas.

In addition to all these achievements, Padma has her own jewelry line, started with the help of a friend in 2009, probably because five minutes cleared up in her schedule and if she stops working for even a moment, her world will implode.

Padma's jewelry line was launched with the funds from her Pantene endorsements (though I'm betting her sleek, shiny locks haven't seen a store brand in the past twenty years. Her hair is probably washed by maidens in the moonlight with an exotic blend of herbs gathered by Swiss nuns and crystal mountain water collected in tiny acorn cups and delivered to her home by an army of trained squirrels.)

Speaking to NY Mag's the Cut, Padma revealed the inspirations behind her latest line of jewelry, saying that she was creating bolder pieces these days because she was feeling more confident as a designer. (Perhaps she's just starting to realize she could vomit on the sidewalk and somebody would either buy it outright or pay her for a boutique line of vomit.)

To give Padma her due however, most of her pieces are not horrible. She claims that they're inspired by Cher, with a tribal twist, which means you have all the absolute class of a woman who thought nothing of wearing a barely there unitard on a ship full of sailors, mixed with an earthy, tribal feel. There are some beautiful pieces to be had in spite of these origins, so don't be shy in checking her range out.

But are you the sort of person who wears Padma? Padma revealed her target customer, saying that she was a savvy (read: rich) woman in her late 20's (read: mid 30's) who is sensualist and tactile (read: likes touching things). Padma also claims that the $1000 + price point means that the jewelry is an 'investment'. I'm not sure that simply being expensive makes things an investment, but who knows, perhaps one day, three headed mutants on the Antiques Roadshow will be crowing over finding an original Padma piece. Stranger things have already happened.


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