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Painting the Barn - 7 Makeup Tips

Updated on October 7, 2011

The Barn

When i talk about painting the barn, i am actually speaking about the human face, specifically a woman's face. A woman that chooses to use makeup that is!

I think of the female face that is about to be enhanced with cosmetics as i do of a canvas or a piece of marble that is telling me what is the best method to add to what is already an incredible beauty.

I personally hate when i see women with too much make up on. It always makes me feel as if they are trying to hide something or that they look like a drag queen, no offense, just too, too heavy!

But above that i hate seeing the foundation mask, you know that foundation that looks like an oval, too light mask that does not match the neck or is not blended well across the jawline and into the chin and neck area.

Just because you may have the best foundation for your skin does not mean that you are using it well. I don't care if it is self blending you should always make sure that your foundation goes across your jaw line and into your neckline. Sometimes it is even better if you use some lightly across your clavicle and upper chest, especially if these areas are left uncovered by your garments.

Areas like the t zone which includes your forehead, bridge of your nose and under your eyes need to be addressed. Your cheekbones also need to be defined and this is done easily by smiling and following the definition with the color of your choice as a blush or bronzer, so that there is some highlight.

Mistakes with makeup are excusable on the young but if you have been using makeup for more than 10 years there is no excuse, actually i am being more than generous with the time allotment but a lot of women remain confused or did not have a good instructor when it came to the secrets of using makeup to enhance your best features, well.

Sometimes it is a good idea to just use makeup and color to enhance your best features. Those features you are most proud of. Some women use color to enhance their, eyes, their cheeks or their mouths.

The choice is always yours! But i always recommend that you play up your eyes if you do nothing else, with or without your foundation.


  • Find what works for you, foundation, makeup
  • Choose a good moisturizer
  • Have a few brushes on hand
  • Have a few natural palette colors available

What to do

  1. Clean, dry face, neck and upper chest
  2. Moisturized face, neck and upper chest
  3. Skin blending foundation
  4. Eye makeup
  5. Cheek makeup
  6. Lip makeup
  7. Powder optional

Preparation is always necessary when doing anything well. Cleaned washed and moisturized skin is a great place to start. A vinegar water spritz is awesome, but you need to allow it to dry, then put on your moisturizer. I found a product from L'oreal that i love called Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base . You use it under your foundation but i love the way it feels on my skin, so i put it on even when i am not putting on makeup.

Basic Knowledge is important when discussing cosmetics, and it typically begins with what foundation to use. Also what you can afford and what feels good on your skin. Starting with a good basic foundation is the best thing any woman or teenage girl can do for herself. It makes all the difference. Foundation is the gesso for your canvas. It smooths out problem areas and evens out the skin tone, covers your blemishes, so you have a great place to start.

I tell young women that if you have a good foundation you don't need a whole lot and you don't have to worry about covering it up with a whole lot of color. The more you can recognize yourself after applying your cosmetics, the better.

Using your hands, clean hands that is, along with a clean towel is always a good place to start. Using your fingers help learn a light touch. I have found that i can control my makeup a whole lot better with my fingers. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have brushes available. It all depends on what look you are trying to achieve.

The look you are going for is essential when picking make up colors and the amount used needs to be considered when you are choosing them. Most colors can be used during the day then translated into a night on the town palette. But some of the colors need to remain separated, intentionally.

Enhancement not cover up. When i began teaching my daughter the tricks to using makeup my first conversation started with you are already beautiful, use makeup to enhance what you already have not to cover up.

Experimenting with new foundation
Experimenting with new foundation | Source
Eye work, brows and eye lid, even under the eye shading.
Eye work, brows and eye lid, even under the eye shading. | Source
Almost finished, cheeks done, lips stained.
Almost finished, cheeks done, lips stained. | Source
All put together. Finis!
All put together. Finis! | Source

7 Tips

Basic tips that make all the difference. Look in the mirror! Remember to look in the mirror! After you are completely dressed, then just before you leave the house, look in the mirror again. The good thing about checking in the mirror is that it reminds you that you can always correct anything you do not like before heading into any situation where your appearance is important.

  1. Self talk. You are beautiful! Makeup is to enhance!
  2. Clean face
  3. Moisturize skin
  4. Good foundation, that matches your skin tone, that you like and can afford
  5. Eye and brow work, you need a good brow pencil, i never recommend black for the brows, mascara, eyeliner. You also need to make sure you use a dark brown eye shadow to use in the brow.
  6. Cheek enhancement with blush, we all love rosy cheeks but a lot of us need to remember to blend.
  7. Mouth, your lips can add or detract from all the work you have done on your face so be careful what color you choose to use. If in doubt go with a natural gloss. I love outlining my lips, adding a lighter color on the inside of my lips and a little gloss for shine.

Making your makeup experience as close to natural while using a lot of cosmetics is not as difficult as some may think. Yes it comes easier to some but like i tell my kids the more you do it the more creative you become and the more natural it comes to you.

But you must always know the basics. That also applies to using and putting on makeup, any of it.

I usually prefer the natural look but it can be ramped up so never diss the spectacular look you can achieve.

Remember have fun and experiment with looks that you like!


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 6 years ago

      Thanks ShonEjai sometimes just sticking to the most natural of products help kerlynb suggest blotting paper.

    • ShonEjai profile image

      ShonEjai 6 years ago from California

      i love that you use your own face as an example or canvas. thanks for these tips. i have a t zone that is out of this world. trying all different things. finally realized need three different products to get it right!

    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 6 years ago

      Thanks kerlynb, the blotting paper is a good idea, it makes taking care of facial issues easier to deal with on a daily basis.

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      "Areas like the t zone which includes your forehead, bridge of your nose and under your eyes need to be addressed." - Tell me about it. T-zone has always been a problem area for me. One solution I have for it is the oil-blotting paper. I always carry a small pack with me so I won't need to retouch my powder many times as before.