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Palmers cocoa butter formula product review

Updated on May 27, 2012

There are a range of Palmer's skin products available, the most common and popular product from the range being ,Palmer's cocoa butter formula - all over body moisturizer.

The original Palmer's cocoa butter formula claims to soften, smooth and relieve dry skin, all of which the product definitely does do. However, to what extent?

Palmer's cocoa butter products are not rich in vitamins and minerals, although all Palmer's products contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant and aids in maintaining skin oil balance, preventing aging of the skin , preventing imperfections from forming on the skins surface, and protecting the skin against the effects of the sun.

If you're are after an inexpensive, every-day all over body moisturizer, Palmer's cocoa butter formula is a good option as it is pleasant to use, has a delicious scent, and keeps skin soft and supple.

Palmer's cocoa butter formula also claims to smooth marks tone skin. This i am not so sure of, as i have used this product daily for extended periods of time (up to a year), and seen no noticeable effect in smoothing of imperfections, although i believe that it does (ever so slightly) tone skin, in maintaining firmness.

If you want a moisturiser particularly for the purpose of smoothing imperfections and toning skin, i do not recommend Palmer's cocoa butter formula. There are other skin creams that are much for suited for this purpose, although it's not likely that such skin creams that are effective, are going to match the low price of Palmer's.

Palmer's formula is one of the more affordable moisturizers, though that is not because the product is low quality. Essentially it is a good product which can afford to be affordable because of it's popularity and well known name.

Palmer's cocoa butter formula is a good standard every-day moisturizer that noticeably softens and maintains the condition of the skin.


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