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Collecting Pandora: Bracelets & European-Style Beads for Your Wrist

Updated on July 11, 2008

In Greek mythology, the beauty Pandora was given a large jar (nope, it wasn't a "box"), and the god Zeus warned her to keep it closed forever. But what's a curious girl to do? Pandora opened the jar, of course, accidentally allowing all kinds of evils to escape. She quickly replaced the top, but only one thing was left inside the jar ... hope. Apparently, it is hope that inspired the Danish jewelry line that takes its name from this famous Greek lady.

The Pandora Jewelry line is based on a unique bracelet that features what the manufacturers describe as a "threaded system." This means each bracelet is divided into three sections by small threads, and the wearer may screw the individual Pandora beads onto any segment as she chooses. The beads move freely based on the movement of the wearer's wrist. You can read this description over a couple of more times, but it will remain confusing until you actually examine the jewelry for yourself and see it in action.

Buying the Bracelet

Purchasing Pandora is not for the faint of wallet. While a silver starter bracelet may be as low as $35, a 14K gold bracelet with 14K gold clasp will run more than $1,000 (based on the length). If the cost of gold continues to climb, so will the price of Pandora.

Once you have acquired the bracelet, the spending has just begun. Pandora produces a wide variety of attractive charms in silver, gold and silver-plus-gold - with or without gems and CZs. They can run from $25 to more than $500 for solid gold. One of the best places to purchase bargain-priced Pandora charms is on eBay as long as you deal only with sellers that have a good reputation and an impressive quantity of sales.

There also are a number of companies making knock-off charms that look good and are high quality. (There are some producing cheesy ones too, so use your most discriminating eye when making a purchase). The problem with knock-offs is the "screw-on" mechanism. You must be sure the beads will go on the bracelet easily (many knock-offs do not screw on, but slide on instead) without being forced. If you force a too-tight bead onto the bracelet, you can damage the threads.

Your Individual Look

According to the copywriters at Pandora, you can create your own look and style with a Pandora bracelet. Examples are bohemian, romantic, elegant chic, 60's flower power, the charmed sophisticate, the billionaire, the minimalist, yada yada yada. Honestly, I don't see how one bracelet looks more "bohemian" or "sophisticated" than another, though I suppose the amount of gold and real gems would tend to lean more toward that "billionaire" look.

Pandora is just a more jazzed up form of the traditional charm bracelet, but instead of charms that hang from a link bracelet (and make a lot of noise), the Pandora charms have holes in the middle and screw onto the bracelet. That means your bracelet can be anything you want it to be. Mine has charms representing all my animals - cats, dogs, horses, goats - and a few of the places I've traveled. I love to add colorful glass beads and change them to match my various outfits. Not all of my charms are authentic Pandora, a fact that makes my Pandora saleslady cringe. But they are all pretty and eye-catching and I get a lot of compliments on my bracelets.

Other Brands

There are other European-style bracelets on the market, including Biagi, Chamilia and Trollbead brands. All offer a selection of beautiful beads, and most are less expensive than the Pandora line. While Trollbread bracelets are actually my favorite (I have three) because they don't have the screw-on system and all brands of beads will fit, Trollbead charms will NOT fit on a Pandora bracelet. If you try to force one on, you won't be a happy camper.

European-style bracelets are the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Give one for a birthday gift ... and when Christmas rolls around, you can give a charm to add to the original present. When it comes to buying them for yourself - beware! Collecting the bracelets and beads can be addictive. And once you have one bracelet full of charms, you can easily see how a second bracelet would complement it. Plus Pandora makes a lovely line of necklaces, rings and earrings to match their beads. Don't tell me later than you weren't warned!

One example of a European-style bracelet owned by someone who is obviously loves the color green. NOTE: This is not a Pandora. They copyright all their photos and go into a rigor if someone uses one on the Internet without permission.
One example of a European-style bracelet owned by someone who is obviously loves the color green. NOTE: This is not a Pandora. They copyright all their photos and go into a rigor if someone uses one on the Internet without permission.


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    • profile image

      carol 6 years ago

      can someone help me find the brand name of these beads have many more styles,and colors. Looking up originality beads has not helped. Want to know if they are troll beads,belk, or something like that. thank you.

    • profile image

      swathi 6 years ago

      its look very fantastic i want buy this one

    • profile image

      jscsgrl 6 years ago

      I just received beads from an ebay supplier. Two of them will only screw on to the end 'thread', but not past, onto the 'chain' (much like a nut onto a bolt) . I'm assuming this is an obvious issue, but as these are the very first beads I have purchased, I'm not altogether sure. The size given for the beads at issue is the same as the beads that do work. Am I missing something???

    • profile image

      my crystal beads and jewelry 8 years ago

      wow 1000$ for a Pandora bracelet, that's unheard of, now what makes a Pandora a Pandora, im a bit confused, ive made jewelry before you can see on my site but this pandora business is something new, hmmm

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    • profile image

      Pat 8 years ago

      Email me at

    • profile image

      Annette 8 years ago

      Any suggestions re; good knock off pandora jewelry? Do any of them have the track system in their beads?

    • profile image

      Pat Pape 8 years ago

      Alex - I can give some more sources for high-quality beads. Contact me at Pat

    • profile image

      Alex 8 years ago

      Yeah i got a silver pandora bacelet for my birthday with a really expensive bead. Im really keen to fill it up and cant afford the real ones but have found some very good 'knock-offs' and no one can tell the difference! It is nice to have so real beads but often its far more economical to buy a couple of fakes to fill it out, as, for example with the spacers.

    • profile image

      Jane Johnson 9 years ago

      I just love trollbeads and pandora beads, they are fantastic little things, very expenisve but when you watch how they are made you soon appreciate why they cost what they do.

      Making your first bracelet and you will soon find yourself addicted.