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Patek Philippe One of the most expensive watches in the World.

Updated on May 17, 2015

Patek Philippe

If you are interested in a Patek Philippe or have read reviews, you may have heard that the best watch in the world is a Patek Philippe. Since eighteen thirty nine, the company has been making watches. Since the company began, in Geneva, Switzerland, the company had immediately had a reputation of fine watch manufacturing that had spread throughout the Europe and the world. Many well known people own a watch by this brand and some were commissioned especially. Many processes and components are required for watch creation of this caliber. Watches need to be made from the correct materials using the latest technology with movement that is reliable. In every department, Patek Philippe excels. Most likely, it may even be the only watchmaker that creates a timepiece from scratch. Unlike other leading manufacturers of wristwatches who sub contract different components to others, Philippe Patek employs only the best crafts persons to design and create each and every timepiece including the goldsmiths, draftsmen, engravers, engineers and jewelers. With more than seventy patents, the Patek Philippe company is also well known for its many technological innovations.

Innovations of Patek Philippe

The first watch was created b Philippe in 1842 using a crown to win it. This is something all watches that are mechanical now do. Later, in 1653, Patent Number 58941 was accorded to Patek Philippe for the slipping mainspring. This patent lets two or more barrel mainsprings to be wound simultaneously. This technique became the basis for self winding mechanisms development in the future. In 1899, patents were gotten for a system of push buttons triggering the minute repeater. Later in 1925 the worlds’ first instant changing perpetual calendar wristwatch featuring leap year indications was made by the company. Later, in 1989, the Calibre 89 watch was created, which was the world’s most complicated movement. In 2006, the latest invention was announced by Patek and this was that first watch wheel in the world to be created out of silicon for escapement of the anchor.

Without a doubt, wristwatches by Patek Philippe are considered the best wristwatches made in the world. Owning a watch by this brand means having something that is completely made with advanced technology and exquisite beauty, not to mention crafted with the greatest focus on each and every detail.

The Highest Quality

Are watches by Patek Philippe rated with high quality? That is an understatement. As a matter of fact, Patek Philippe uses only the supremely bet movements, technology and materials. It is not exactly a surprise that Patek Philippe makes the world’s best watches. Rolex, another brand which is considered to be the world’s best, every year sells more watches than Patek Philippe has made since the company started. Just from this you can see why Patek Philippe is simply in another league.

Based in Geneva, Patek Philippe was launched in 1839 and is comprised of expert masterful makers of watches. They also feature spectacular pieces in a museum made as early as the year fifteen hundred. Traditionally, these were portrait miniatures and musical automata. There is also an exquisite library with a dedication to horology including the historical past, the research and the construction of time pieces. Talking about a masterpiece by Patek Philippe like a watch is really not enough to define the tremendous art entwined with each and every one of their elegant timepiece creations. In other words, when buying a Patek Philippe watch, it is as if you are buying a work of art.

The processes involving the creation of a watch by Philip Patek begins with up for 4 years of research and development. It takes a minimum of 9 months with watches that are more complicated taking up to 2 years. The company spends another 6 weeks to 3 months testing each of the models before it can be sold. Watches by Patek Philippe are not produced for the masses but instead are pieces sold individually, with each one being very unique.

Calibre 89

Made in 1989, the Calibre 89 was created in order for the company to celebrate its one hundred fiftieth anniversary. One of the most complicated movements ever made, the Patek Philippe 89 Calibre boast of a total of thirty-three complications including up to the year two thousand seventeen and also include the date of Easter. The night sky is accurately and graphically depicted by a celestial chart along with a chronograph that measures a split second for the elapsed time.

The Supercomplication

To this day, Patek Philippe creates watches unlike any other. Among watches that belong to the top caliber classification, the 2nd movement most complicated was created by this company. In 1933 Henry Graves, America financier commissioned the Graves Supercomplication. This watch includes a New York City night sky view and measured both sunset and sunrise. It was also able to measure time equations including the difference between solar time and Mean Time, which is a twenty four hour clock style.

Patek Philippe Salons

Located in London, Paris and Geneva, you will find traditional Patek Philippe watches in watch salons. It is in these salons where you and other privileged clientele are able to luxuriously select the timepiece they prefer by Patek Philippe. Tradition surrounds each salon and if your own location permits, you can shop in an actual brick and mortar Philippe Patek salon at your leisure.

Patek Philippe—the Best in the World

Considered to be some of the world’s best wrist watches, Patek Philippe accounts for some of the eight billion Swiss watch sales each year around the world. Watch connoisseurs, inveterate collectors of wrist watches and expert horologists stand by the Patek Philippe brand since Count Antoine Norbert De Patek produced these watches in 1845. Later, it was in 1851 that the name Patek Philippe was launched when Antoine Patek was joined by Jean Adrien Philippe. From the start, these watches were a marvel of precise design, look and engineering. There was always a small output of about only fifteen thousand pieces produced each year, however, the quality was simply unsurpassed. By the nineteenth century’s end, the company had practically monopolized the top range market for watches.

A Quality Watch

The materials used in manufacturing the watch are mainly what define its quality. The employed technology in the way the movement of the watch has been manufactured counts a lot. It was these qualities that Patek Philippe used when creating the watch. Compared to other companies, Patek Philippe manufactures more watch parts right down to the smallest bracelets, screws, cogs and wheels. The company utilizes only the best materials and employs engravers, enamellers, jewelers and goldsmiths as well as all craftsmen to exclusively work for this company with unparalleled craftsmanship.

New Technology

The first to introduce the newest watch technologies in the immense market for watches has also been Patek Philippe. For example, the hand setting mechanism and famous winding of the stem was invented by jean Adrien Philippe. The hand setting mechanism is one reliable and modern concept still being utilized today. There are over seventy patents used by Patek Philippe and the company is still the leader when new technology is employed to the making of watches. In the year 2006, the company introduced the world’s first wheel made in silicon for the escapement of anchor.

The Importance of Maintenance

A watch by Philippe Patek is truly a trusted investment that even future generations can enjoy. In order for the longevity and integrity of the watch to be safeguarded, there is a required commitment of care not just from Patek Philippe but also from the owner of the watch. At intervals, between 3 and 5 years, regular services are recommended depending on the watch type and its general tear and wear. Patek Philippe watches feature unofficial servicing which can sometimes be the reason why heavier repair is needed rather than a simple service routine. The Patek Philippe International Customer Service features networks of over fifty seven Authorized Service Centers in thirty six countries around the world. They employed the highest dedicated level of specialists in order to care for and maintain Patek Philippe watches’ restoration.

Long Term Care for Your Patek Philippe

There are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your very own Patek Philippe watch for the long term. For one thing, you need to avoid wearing jewelry on the same wrist as the one in which you are wearing your watch. When you are taking part in activities generation repeated and strong vibrations, it is not recommended that you wear your watch at this time. Avoid exposure of your watch to fields that are magnetic as this could cause the setting of your watch to be disturbed. Do not use pushers or control functions to set the crown out of water or under water if the watch is not dry. Ensure that the time setting pushers and crown are in place and screwed in after manipulating. Ensure that the bracelet of your watch is suited to the use you anticipate for it and that this is adjusted corrected to the size of your wrist at the time of your purchase. For watches that you wind manually, it is recommended that you wind the watch one time each day, preferably during the early hours of the day. You can check to see if your watch is water resistant by going to an authorized watch maker one time per year or every time the watch gets open. After using the watch in a swimming pool or in salt water, use fresh water to rinse it. Avoid shocks and all watch impacts and you might want to check water resistance after going through severe shocks. It is also not recommended that the watch you are wearing by Patek Philippe be subjected to extreme variations of temperatures. Avoid prolonged sunlight exposure to your watch or wetting a crocodile strap.

Long Lasting

Designed for lasting generation after generation, Patek Philippe ensures the endurance of your legacy. It is recommended that the timepiece be checked every five years and for models that are waterproof, three years in order for your watch to be kept in perfect working order. To preserve your watch’s value, it is important for your watch to be regularly services. Get maintenance done regularly by a Patek Philippe accredited center. It is advisable to have a test of water resistance on water resistant watches each year as it only takes a few minutes. Mechanical and quartz watches need to go through service every five years. Batteries last only 2-3 years with quartz watches needing to be returned to authorized agents faster for a change of battery.

Instructions for Your Watch

The first thing you need to do is to first determine the Philippe Patek model of watch you plan to buy. First, flip the watch to the back. You will find a lot of info about your watch on the reverse. Look for the 4-digit reference numbers with a possible suffix of a fifth letter. Note that this is more specific and different from the model name, such as Nautilus, Gondolo or aquanaut. The time and date should then be set. In order for your Patek watch to be set, wait for the 2nd hand to reach twelve and then pull out the crown to the setting on the farthest. The 2nd hand should then stop. This indicates that you are ready to set your watch time. Start turning the crown until the exact time is shown by the watch. Consult the US atomic clock or other atomic clocks to be extra precise. In order to resume your watch’s ordinary functions, press back the crown. There is also a function for date on many watches by this brand. There are settings that are customizable on some Pateks. Make sure you have the reference number of your watch to find out more about the specific model of your own watch on the official website of Philippe Patek. Keep in mind that regular maintenance is necessary no matter what model your watch happens to be.

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