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Patrizia Pepe's Pink High Heel Boots

Updated on March 8, 2011

These boots are high heeled. These boots are pink. These boots are snake skin. These boots have completed the trifecta of OMG amazing without having to do anything other than sit there. They could be so uncomfortable that wearing them feels like stepping into a bear trap every time and they would still be more excellent than 99.9% of other shoes out there on the market.

They're made of 100% leather and are suede, which means if you scuff them, you'll be crying for days. But scuffing may not be the worst of your worries. Da da dummm. Are you feeling tension yet? Are you wondering what could possibly stand in between you and your enjoyment of these classic boots?

Is it perhaps price? No. These boots are priced at a relatively reasonable $300, which probably only just covers the bounty that they had to put out on that giant snakeskin colored cow. No, the concern is far darker, far more insidious, far more covered in red tape than that.

Under California's Proposition 65, residents of California are entitled to receive warning about substances that might cause harm or birth defects. Apparently leather is one of these things. In case you were wondering whether or not the world had officially gone mad or not... this is a sure sign that it has.

So the question you must ask yourself, is wearing fantastic boots worth the terrible risks that the State of California ascribes to them? Or does the danger only make you want to wear them more? When it comes to inflated concerns for personal well being, I'd say that these boots, in conjunction with hard working California law makers, have reached a new plane of excess.

I'd suggest throwing your cares aside when it comes to these boots. After all, you have to cover your feet with something under bylaw 4955.85.59 of the state code. I made that up, but it's probably true anyway. We've reached a point in human evolution where almost anything you make up off the top of your head is true somewhere.

Barefoot isn't back in vogue yet, so in the meantime, boots like this not only show that you are a paragon of good fashion choices, they also give you a 3.9 inch boost on other people around you. That means you'll be able to spot danger from afar, like an exceptionally well dressed Meerkat.

Get the boots!


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