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Patternlesss Costumes part2

Updated on October 21, 2010
layout of harem pants
layout of harem pants

Harem Pants lay out and sewing

Hopefully the diagram from the last page helped you decide if you need more the 3 yards of fabric remember the you with double up the amount of fabric for both legs. Remember too that the width and length depend on the fabric you choose the length of the pants normally go with the grain of the fabric. The nice thing about sewing is you can decide ,You can even choose to set the pattern length to the bias for keep in mind that it will take much more fabric.Now if you are lucky and thin or making this costume for a child the width of fabric needed will be less the the width of fabric bolt these normally fall in 44-45 or 59-60 inch widths. If you do not and the pattern of the fabric allows lay the design out on the length of the fabric.

If you use Layout 1 from the diagram your seam will be on the outside of the legs. Layout 2 is used if you want the seam on the inside of the leg.

After you cut the fabric fold each leg with the right sides together and sew the side seam, as with most patterns your standard seam allowance should be 5/8". Next turn 1 leg right side and place that leg inside the other leg matching up the seams so that you can sew the crotch seam. now create a casing for the waist and ankles remember to make button hole opening in the casing if you wish to use a drawstring instead of elastic.

You could do more with harem pants adding trim , moving the seam around to the front, then leave part of the seam open to have more leg showing but that does not fit the costume we are working on. so on to the next part. The Bra


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