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Perfect Fall Outfit

Updated on October 3, 2015


Fall is the perfect season in general. The crisp, cold weather, the hot drinks, pumpkin spice everything, football, boots, leggings, sweaters, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Fall is my personal favorite season. This time of year holds a lot of significance for me, as I met the love of my life in October. Everything about fall brings me so many great memories.

Fashion For College

Being in college is definitely the best time of your young life. As a junior, I am used to dealing with the pressures of the school work and trying to have some fun. I often look to dress very comfortable for school, and for my internship. The perfect "lazy" fall day is so simple. I typically wear leggings, fashion boots, and a long sweater. Also, to accessorize, I wear my Michael Kors watch and my Alex and Ani bracelets.



The best accessories to gave for fall are bracelets, watches, scarves, and rings. I have some staples in my collection that I always wear. I have joined the Alex and Ani "cult", and I have four bracelets from them. I also wear my Pandora for special occasions. I wear my Michael Kors watch daily. Also, my promise ring from my love, and my matching "wedding band", which I wear on my middle finger on my left hand. I wear my promise ring on my right ring finger, only because I am not yet engaged and the ring does not fit on my left ring finger (it is too big). I also wear my diamond key necklace from Kay jewelers, again, another present from my boyfriend. When I was younger, I never wore jewelry. Now that I am older and I have real diamonds and real gold, I wear jewelry on a daily basis. You cannot go wrong with chunky jewelry for fall. It is a true perfect match with a simple outfit. Jewelry takes a simple outfit from looking "comfy" or "lazy" to looking "sexy" or "stylish".



So, I am sure everyone is curious about how much everything is. My whole outfit was a total steal.

Leggings: Forever 21- $3.90

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack- $12.97 (originally $58)

Boots: Nordstrom Rack- $40.00 (originally $210)

Watch: Michael Kors- $170

Bracelets: Alex and Ani- $28-$30

Rings: gift from Joe C.

Necklace: Kay Jewelers $219.00

Nordstrom Rack bags!!!! :)

Stay Connected

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