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Perfect Prom Accessories - From the Shoes to the Date

Updated on April 23, 2010

The Devil is in the Details

Every girl wants prom night to be perfect... Whether its a great night out with good friends, or a romantic evening with your personal Prince Charming, we women want our prom night to be "right" from start to finish, and top to bottom.

If you're reading this, you probably already have the perfect prom dress. If you don't, check out this great article, Prom Dress Ideas, complete with links to purchase. If you do, then all you're missing are the accesories to turn a dress into a "look."

Accessories, like the perfect shoes, bag and jewelry, can totally make the outfit. And, if your man needs a little sprucing up too, there's a few things for him below, as well. After all, your date is the one accessory you can't change at the last minute! lol!

If the shoe fits

Shoes! Gorgeous Glittery Wonderful Shoes! Its the only thing I'm truly "girly" about. (Well, that and I hate spiders and you need to talk to me about cars like I'm 5.. but aside from that, its the shoes.) And, on prom night, the right shoe is more than a finishing fashion touch, its a necessity!

Not only can a shoe complete an outfit, it can change it. You can go from funky to fancy simply by changing what's on your feet. Picture your favorite casual outfit... those sexy jeans and that just right top... Now, how does it look when you wear it w/ Chucks? With stillettos? With those fab high heeled boots?

The same holds true for a formal gown. Dress it up, dress it down, or make it funky.

Prom shoe color choices can have a real range this year. As always, you can choose a matching color to your prom gown, or, a complimentary tone (i.e. a hot pink shoe for a pale pink dress... as long as their in the same color family.)

Metallics are hot this year too, and are a perfect choice for a special event like prom. With the 80's throwbacks we're seeing this year, you could even go with clear high heels... reminiscent of jellies, but with a sexy, big-girl heel.  (Not to mention, that they go with anything.  So, not only will they match any prom dress, they'll be able to stay with you for years to come.)

If you'd rather pick a shoe that will stick around into your future formal events (and, now that you're becoming an adult, these will come around more than you would think) choose a neutral (WAY hot on the runways this year!) or a traditional black, white or cream.

If you are totally type A, and any kind of mix-and-match will drive you up a wall, go for a dyeable formal shoe. They are usually reasonably priced, and you can dye them yourself at home with a dye kit from a local craft store, or you can take them to any shoe repair store, along with a dress swatch (or your bag, or any other item you choose) and have them match the color to a "T".

A final word on formal prom dress shoes:  Don't be afraid to spend a little extra cash.  You will be on your feet all night, and if you are uncomfortable by the second dance, it will seriously put a cramp in your (albeit fashionable) style.

A Bag for All Seasons

Formal handbags always put my head into a complete spin. If they are small enough to be "cute" you can't fit anything in side. If they are big enough to fit what you need, they'll inevitably be uncomfortable to carry. I had collected about 25 evening handbags by the time I was as old, and had probably only been to 15 formal events! I'd get so frustrated with each purchase, that I'd wind up buying a new bag before the big day even hit. Here's a few things I've learned over the years...

  • Check the size: Go through a quick mental checklist of the things you can't do without (and that your date won't carry for you in his pocket) and make sure they fit. [cell phone, lip gloss, small comb or brush, contact case, etc.]
  • Go for a physical clasp: Many sweet little formal handbags have magnetic clasps. Unless the magnets are seriously strong, they won't hold when you try to jam in that last little item you forgot about when you performed "Step 1."
  • Think about where you will be, and where you can leave your bag: If you'll feel safe leaving your bag on the table, feel free to go for a sexy little clutch. If, however, you'll want to keep your bag with you, go for a "wristlet." (A wristlet has a tiny little band on it that you can slip around your wrist... say while your dancing and you'd rather have your holding something other than your purse.)
  • Go for a color that will work for multiple events: Formal bags work great as accents. Don't feel that you need to match your dress. Instead, go for metallics or neutral colors. You will definitely need an evening bag in the future, and bags get such little use they can last virtually forever.

Prince Charming - or not so much

 Of course I'm joking when I suggest you dress up your prom date like some life sized Ken doll.  But, some guys just really, REALLY hate to shop.  And, you might be doing him a huge favor by pointing him in the right direction.  I wouldn't suggest tackling him and dressing him to your personal taste, or, lets say, insisting he wear a vest or cumberbun in the exact shade of pink as the flowers in you hair.  We want this night to be fun for both of you.  But, if you sense he's hedging on how exactly to go about renting a tux, or where to purchase a good pair of shoes, a gentle nudge might actually be a relief.  Just tread lightly... and, in the end, remember he's who you want to spend this wonderful night with.  An argument over the appropriate colored tie is not worth a ruined prom.

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 I truly hope you enjoyed this article, and found it helpful.  If you did, rate it up, pass it on, or leave a comment below!  Feel free to check out these related articles for more prom ideas or fashion tips.


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      ThoughtfulSpot 7 years ago from PA

      Thank you lovelypaper! And, thanks for commenting... I appreciate it AND it got me back over here to see that my capsules are doing some funky things. Hmmmm.

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

      Great hub. You've really done your research.

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      ThoughtfulSpot 7 years ago from PA

      Thanks Paradise! You always have such nice things to say. I really appreciate having you on my "follow" list. :)

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      This hub was fun to read. I drooled over both the shoes and the bags!