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Perfect skincare for winter: A review of Finland's Lumene skincare

Updated on December 28, 2016

I first took notice of Lumene skincare and makeup at the glamorous and classic department store of Helsinki, Stockmann. The huge, grand building taking up a block, housing a business started in 1862 is very impressive. When you see the finest goods from around the world -- everything from gourmet foods to cutting edge fashions to luxe cosmetics -- you take notice of what their buyers have selected. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Breezing past the American brands, I looked to see what was from Finland. If you saw the beautiful complexions of Finns, despite the cold, wind and sea air, low levels of sunlight and hideously expensive produce, you'd take another look at their products, too! Combining smart, naturally based ingredients with their active lifestyles and the fact that 90% of Finns partake of soothing saunas at least once a week helps them stay beautiful.

Lumene uses pure Arctic water and wild Arctic harvested herbs and fruit in their products. Think about it: any plant life that can withstand polar conditions must have strong, nourishing properties. These ingredients are considered "beyond" organic, since they don't come into contact with pollution, pesticides or other man-made, dangerous additives. Some of the Finnish botanicals include Arctic cloud berries, pine, birch, spruce, heather and peat. These tend to have naturally concentrated amounts of Vitamin C.

You many be thinking that Lumene's creams would be heavy, greasy or waxy under their conditions, but that's so far from the truth! That's why they're useful to women all over the world. Bright Now Vitamin C Shine Control Cream Gel is part of their oily/combination line of products. It has a fresh, sweet citrus scent. Its texture is silky and serum-like, yet it sinks into your skin instantly. You'll be able to apply cosmetics right away without pilling or melting.Over time, the cream-gel eases dry, rough wrinkles and brightens dull complexions in a gentle way.

So, where can you buy such exotic products? In the USA, at such big box stores as Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, CVS and that big box online -- Amazon.

5 stars for Lumene


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