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Perfectly Soft Microfiber Bras For Men

Updated on January 19, 2010

I'm a big fan of microfiber for many reasons, its smooth, it has a sheen to it, it is comfortable, and it is the way of the future. When all the cotton dies out due to global warming, those of us who have already adapted to polymer clothing will have an advantage over those who keep whining about the fact you can't drink the water anymore.

Prominent online lingerie retailer, Her Room, agrees, saying 'Microfiber bras are composed of a synthetic material made up of an extremely fine material. Finer than silk or satin, microfiber is generally considered one of the highest qualities of brassiere materials in terms of comfort and wearability. In addition, the microscopic threads, which can be packed much tighter than lace or satin, help to trap moisture while at the same time allowing airflow.'

Most major bra manufacturers produce microfiber bras, from Wonderbra, to Lily of France, even Olga have come to the 21st century party with their seamless microfiber bra that delights the wearer with its stealthy comfort.

Most, if not all, (not all,) microfiber bras are seamless, which is perfect for men who want to wear a bra underneath their everyday attire. The lack of seams mean that you will be free to stretch like a gorilla as much as you desire and all that will be visible under your shirt is nothing, nothing at all.

If you're looking for specific microfiber bra recommendations, I don't think it's possible to go past  Olga's microfiber bra, which is perfect for men because of its lightness, softness and femininity. Many microfiber bras fall into the trap of being dark, thick and very sports bra like in their appearance, Olga, with their inimitable design skills have managed to take microfiber and create something that will remain a favorite in your lingerie collection for years to come.

Also from Olga, the rose patterned lace underwire bra is completely gorgeous. Now this may show under your work wear, but it is so charming and sweet that it is worth keeping for private wear. Olga claims that the floral designs will lay flat under clothing however, so depending on your lingerie wearing mettle, you may be able to slip out of the house with this lovely microfiber bra against your skin.

If you've been avoiding microfiber because it sounds overly synthetic, don't wait another day, like nylon did in its day, microfiber is revolutionizing modern lingerie. Be part of the movement!


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    • profile image

      Sherman 7 years ago

      Depending on your size and what you are looking for in a bralette JCP Ambrielle (available to XL) or Wacoal (available to size 38) may suit you. I enjoy a couple bras with foam cups from Maidenform, Luleh and Olga in A, AB or B sizes.

    • profile image

      Sherman 7 years ago

      JCPenney's Ambriele label has a comfortable bralet in sizes from S to XL. I wish the straps were an inch longer cause it tends to ride up. So does Wacoal which has sizes up to 38 but it's a smaller than JCP. Yesterday I bought a Bali wireless 40B which fits nicely. I will try a 42. Brands seem to have their unique 'building standards'. When you stretch out like-sized bras of different labels next to each other on a counter you may find up to 2 inches difference in length. A sales associate showed me this. This affects both tightness around your breast as well as cup spacing. It's interesting. Maidenform seems to be more generous and less tight with their construction. It's fun. Enjoy. Incidentally, I buy all these on clearance for way less than half their MSRP. Check out secondary outlets like TJM and Marshall's. You'll be surprised at the bargains and selection if you're patient and persistent.

      Try them at home and return them with tags intact and your receipt if they don't fit or look right.

    • profile image

      Tom 7 years ago

      I am already wearing microfiber bras and they are very comfortable , they mold to the shape of my body and I can also wear my small forms with them.

      I have Barely There microfiber damask crop top bras and Maidenform bralets , unfortunatly Maidenform stopped making these a few months ago.

      Thanks again Hope