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Perfume The Addiction. Product Reviews and Notes

Updated on April 15, 2013

Katy Perry's purr


Bottle Business

Sometimes as a consumer we can really be drawn in by the packaging of the fragrance. I'm a sucker for great packaging!! Katy Perry has won my heart with this wonderful purple cat. Some has described it as a robotic Cat,either way it's a must have. The fragrance itself is warm and sexy with notes of coconut,flowers,vanilla,forbidden apple,green bamboo,peach and gardenia. I've noticed that a lot of my fragrances have gardenia and vanilla in them. Those are notes that I love and give you that warm feeling. I'm also into Gourmands and those are fragrances that smell edible. It seems Katy Perry might be just as obsessed with purple as I am,she's had great purple hair at one point as well. If you take a gamble, and purchase for the style of bottle at the very least it can be a nice decoration for your vanity or dresser. So in my opinion it's a win win! Another option, is to re-gift the purchase to a friend or family member. I'm not one for re-gifting, but if you do let them know it was something you didn't like, and you thought maybe they would. I wouldn't suggest re-gifting, and trying to deceive the person as if it was intended for them.

We all wish it grew on trees


Save a few bucks!

You can save a few bucks by shopping around for the best deals. Places like TJ max, Marshall,and Ross have celebrity and designer perfumes for half the cost that you would pay in other department stores, and online in most cases. Also, target sells a nice collection of fragrances with some high end fragrances such as Dolce and Gabbana light blue,which is another fan favorite. The perfume Sexual Femme, I purchased on for $35.00 which I thought was a great deal,until I noticed it at TJ Max for $12.99. I was not a happy camper after seeing the amount I could of saved. Plus when you buy from online, you have to pay shipping and handling making the amount of your purchase increase. Lesson learned, and I will definitely be doing my research for great deals in the future. The other version of Katy Perry is also at Ross it's called Meow, it was $19.99 as well. I'm not sure if I will be collecting that one, they say it's a lighter version of Purr. Another place that people may like to check out, is Ebay,sometimes people have a plethora of perfume and need to sell it fast. Sephora is also another great place to buy fragrances because you can collect points and earn towards future purchases. Also, if you have a membership at Bj's they have high end fragrances for less as well.

My true love


What's Next

I have a list of fragrances that I would like to purchase in the future and that I saw on youtube and I'm very intrigued by. Miss Dior Cherie,Dolce Gabbana the one,Marc Jacobs Dot,Almond cookie by Carole's Daughter,Candy by Prada,Ed Hardy's love kills slowly Chloe,Aqualina Pink Sugar. Just to name a few. What's on your wish list as far as fragrances go? I love that my new scents are associated with happy times and just will be a memory of me exploring different scents.Some perfumes receive a bad rep because people associate them with a bad memory or person they experienced. Make sure to always test a perfume on your pulse points to see how it interacts with your body chemistry. What works well with your body chemistry may not with someone else's. Also, note that when a perfume is sprayed it is wet and needs a chance to dry and absorb in your skin. So don't be so quick to judge until you have actually worn the fragrance for some time. Michel Kors the original scent is also one that I have used and loved,so that is a great fragrance that I recommend. I also recommend Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, I have never smelled anything like it,and it's one of my all time favorites. I'm hoping that I haven't developed an addition,but it is a great rush to smell such wonderful smells everyday. True Religion is also another one I would like to try, another is Womanity by Theirry Mugler, I'm just a little afraid it will be too weird for everyday use. Theirry is known for his unusual scents,so I may need to sample that first before purchasing.

A home for your scents


Shelf Life

Most perfumes have a shelf life of three to four years. So you want to be careful not to collect so many that there just collecting dust. I usually wear a different fragrance everyday and I don't really go by what season it's intended for. I usually match my fragrances to my mood,and sometimes if it's extremely hot, I will match it to the weather. I love aromatherapy and sometimes I enjoy just spraying a scent to give me a happy lift for the moment. Of course the higher end fragrances will probably last longer than the lower shelf fragrances. How old is your oldest perfume,and is it time to purchase a new one? Do you throw your perfume or cologne away if you notice it has turned? "Turning" means that over time, your perfume has changed color and may smell differently from when you first purchased it. It is also said that a perfume with a darker bottle lasts longer,opposed to one that is in a clear bottle. So that is also something to keep in mind for your next purchase. I'm in the market for a nice tray to hold my perfume on,either that or a great vanity. How do you have your perfume displayed?

Hello Hubpages!! Perfume Video

Pardon Me: Corrections

Don't you hate when the camera catches you looking crazy? lol Sorry Hubbers! I hope you enjoy my video. I have a few corrections. The Ed Hardy has peppercorn,not pepper wood.Also, I forgot to list the notes for Katy Perry,but they are listed in the beginning of this hub. I will also list the notes for Marc by Marc Jacobs: gardenia,bergamont,aqua mist,jasmine,white pepper,honeysuckle,blonde woods,musk. The sex and city's Lust has: passion fruit,pink grapefruit,lily,amber,white sandalwood patchouli,musk. Smells great but no lasting power,and that seems to be the consensus online as well. Notes for Noir Tease: Black vanilla,frozen pear, and blooming gardenia. Noir Tease is being compared to Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture but I really don't agree with the comparison. I believe Noir has it's own fruity scent. Another correction: Loverdose is by Diesel, the one in the heart shaped purple bottle. Keep in mind if you see a perfume you might like, you may want to get a sample of it first before purchasing. I like the thrill of a blind purchase,because it's kind of exciting to smell it for the first time without prior samples. I wouldn't however do a blind purchase with a more high end scent that was eighty to hundred dollars. You definitely need to like the perfume before making that kind of investment. Purchases that are thirty dollars and less you may not feel so bad if it turns out that it doesn't smell so great. Another place to get some idea's is through magazine samples. Allure magazine has some great samples and it's where I discovered Bon Chic by BCBG,so that is also another perfume I would like to add to my collection.

Which one intrigued you the most?

Which one would you try?

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