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Perfume review: Viva la Juicy Rose' by Juicy Couture

Updated on February 21, 2016

The scent of Viva La Juicy Rose' EDP by Juicy Couture

I was happy to be hosted to experience Viva La Juicy Rose' EDP by Juicy Couture. They describe the scent as being "jasmine and rose honey-like blossoms" that "pop with fizzy citrus perfection".

Jasmine and rose are both traditional perfume flower oils, but this scent is definitely not for grandma! It's light, bright and flirty. It doesn't come on like gangbusters with va-va-va voom, animalistic 1980's notes. For grown women, I'd suggest it for daytime wear or fun, sweet evenings. Young ladies could easily wear it on dates.

I notice spicy carnation and grapefruit peel as a top note. It dries down to a sweeter, more powdery middle, but still sparkling and fresh. As a base note, I can pick out the classic florals, but lightened and modernized with freshly cut greens.

The highly respected fragrance research resource, describes it like this:

Italian mandarin and Williams pear zests in which jasmine petals are bathing. Top notes of flowers and fruit are succeeded by rich floral heart created of centifolia rose absolute, sambac jasmine and while peony, while powdery shades of orris absolute, benzoin and ambroxan linger in drydown.

Packaging and presentation for Viva La Juicy Rose' EDP by Juicy Couture

With any fragrance, there's so much more to its desirability than just the scent. The packaging and presentation chosen helps us know if the product is right for us or as a gift for a loved one. Viva La Juicy Rose', a new eau de parfum spray by Juicy Couture, is clearly for sweet, bubbly and fun young ladies (or those at heart). Every aspect complements the fragrance and is pleasing to its intended audience. Here's what makes it appealing and special:

  • The box itself is a textured cardboard: light pink, embedded with hot pink glitter. A fun rose gold font is accented by a raspberry cursive font.
  • Users may recognize the brand as the ultimate luxury-leisurewear inventor, worn by such celebrities as Paris Hilton -- a fun, feminine young lady herself. Users get an aspirational thrill being associated with other fans of the brand.
  • The bottle itself is a heavy, weighted glass, reminiscent of vintage classic bottles in the hand. That reads "quality" to the touch. A coat of arms with Juicy Couture's initials creates the impression that this is some sort of royal or princess' perfume.
  • This is not your mom's formal, serious perfume, however! That's conveyed by the bottle being embedded by opulent hot pink glitter, creating a noticeable texture innovation. The stopper has a traditional clear look and shape, but it's plexiglass. That says, "modern" and "hip" to the user.
  • More youthful playfulness is suggested by a hot pink taffeta ribbon tied in a bow around the stopper, with a pink metal safety pin attaching it to a pink metal charm filled with hot pink "jewels". See, it's showing it doesn't take itself too seriously! Otherwise, everything would have been made to look exactly like the real McCoy. Instead, the user is in on the joke or can fantasize that she's so rich, she can treat gems like they're no big deal at all -- just for fun.
  • It's a limited edition, which further lets the purchaser feel like she's in an exclusive club.


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