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Permanent Hair Color vs Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Updated on September 12, 2013

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Hair Dye


Which Hair Dye is the Best

Anyone who cares about their hair. Want the best hair product that causes the least amount of damage to their hair.

This article addresses what hair color you should use for your situation that will cause less or no damage to your hair.

Clairol Hair Color


Grey colored new growth


Permanent hair Dye or Semi Permanent

What's the difference you may want to know between permanent and semi permanent hair color?

Permanent hair dyes you can lighten your natural hair color but the semi permanent hair color. You cannot lighten the hair color.

Permanent hair color you cannot wash-out and semi permanent hair color you can wash out.

All permanent hair dyes you have to either strip out or color over or cut out. Semi permanent hair color wash out.

Semi permanent hair color last just as long as permanent hair color only it doesn't damage the hair like permanent hair colors.

8 commonly asked questions about coloring your hair

Adding any kind of chemicals to your hair is like getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo seems to be the thing to do but if you don't like the tattoo you're stuck with it.

Unless you can afford to get the tattoo removed. So before you put chemicals in your hair. Give it some thought! Do the research before you decide to color your hair.

Make sure you do a strand or patch test every time you color your hair. You could suddenly get an allergic reaction even if you have been using the same brand and hair color for years.

Use a semi permanent color for first time ever coloring your hair

Coloring your hair for the first time can be fun and rewarding. If it's the first time ever coloring your hair and you are just looking for a change.

It is suggested to use a semi permanent color. This way you will see how you look with the color you chose before you decide to make that color permanent.

If you just want a change you will not get new growth at the roots of your hair because the semi permanent color washes out without using strippers to strip the unwanted color out of your hair.

Hair Coloring Horror

Avoid Dying Disasters

As you have seen in the video disasters can happen when you try to bleach your own hair or use permanent hair color at home.

If you color your hair at home your best bet is to use the semi permanent hair color.

It's safer and cheaper than totally messing up your hair. Women walk in the salon all the time crying. Expecting someone to fix their now already damaged hair with several different shaded of color in their hair.

Now the hair has to be completely stripped. Which is expensive and very damaging to the hair.

We pray the color grabs and looks like one color as hairdressers.


Empire beauty school

Is a beauty school website that can give you a lot of great information coloring your hair. Answer 8 commonly asked questions about coloring your hair.

Clairol Professional

Explains the difference in their hair color products. How to apply their hair dyes? What to expect while using their hair color products.

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