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Personal Beauty - Smart Beauty – and Beauty Tips

Updated on March 29, 2011

Personal Beauty

No person is perfect when it comes to personal beauty. Preserve your personal beauty by keeping your muscles toned - indulge yourself in some sport activity. Image credit: Toglenn, Wikipedia
No person is perfect when it comes to personal beauty. Preserve your personal beauty by keeping your muscles toned - indulge yourself in some sport activity. Image credit: Toglenn, Wikipedia

Keep Your Muscles Toned

There is no man who is perfect when it comes to personal beauty but all one can do is make the best out of what you have. For example, you have a body with muscles and keeping your muscles toned is one way to preserve your personal beauty. After work, rather than head for beer rendezvous, indulge yourself in some sport activity. By toning your body, not only will you be physically fit but you will feel better and more confident. If you have an out-of-shape body, no dress or suit will look good on you no matter how expensive it is.

Dead Skin Cells

At any one time, your skin is continuously shading dead skin cells. Watch your body hygiene by taking a shower at least twice a day preferably in the morning and before going to bed. When you take a shower, remember to use a flannel to scrub off the dead skin. Make use of a nail brush tom brush the toe nails and pumice stone to scrub the dead skin on the soles. Remember it’s the dead skin on your soles that makes your shoes and feet smell. Keep you finger nails clean, short and neat. Once in a while clip your nails by a sharp nail cutter ideally after bath when they are soft.


Men, if somebody ever told you that the smell of your body’s sweat is masculine, it is not. Use an antiperspirant to neutralize the smell of your body’s sweat. Your body’s sweat is a put-off.

Face Care

The part of your body that is most exposed to harsh conditions is your face. Your face needs special care.

Bad Breath

If you do not want to kill friendship with other people, then control halitosis and bad breath in your mouth. Use of dental floss and mouth wash will get rid of bad breath and increase your confidence. Brush your teeth after every meal by use of a good tooth paste which you can get in your local store. If a tooth paste is beyond your means or not available, hot salty water will clean your teeth as well.

Lip Salves

A lip salve is good in moisturizing your lips as the lips are subject to a lot of wear and tear. If you fail to moisturize your lips they will dry resulting in chapping and splitting. Men may not feel comfortable using lip salves but there are plenty of lip salves in the stores that do not have the glossy appearance that men usually dislike.

Young and Handsome

Beards that are well shaven will always make a man look young and handsome. If you must keep a beard or moustache, then have it well trimmed to keep it neat. When you shave, try as much to avoid nicking yourself because bruise marks on your face will not make you look good. Gentle gentlemen will always use an after-shave to freshen up. Most after shave pimples are as a result of dirty shaving blades. Change your shaving blades regularly and never share your shaving kits with anybody else. While you are shaving, remember to cut the protruding hair from your nose and ears. Trim them well otherwise they will repel your friends.

Best Hairstyle

Your hair must be well kept and combed. Well groomed hair is a credit for all men. Ask your hairdresser to advise you on the best hairstyle that will best fit your facial features. For your hair to look lustrous, healthy and without dandruff, make use an appropriate hair cream or oil.

Hands Lotion

Many men use their hands to do rough jobs. The detergents and soaps men use are equally rough. Use a hands lotion to soften your hands. In addition clip your nails regularly and clean all grime in your nails. Again if your feet have a tendency to sweat and smell, wash your feet every day with warm water and soap. Use clean socks every day. Ask for a good feet antiperspirant from your pharmacist and apply on to your feet twice a day – in the morning and before going to bed.

Match Your Attire

Ties, handkerchiefs, clips, socks, belts and suspenders should be chosen carefully and be used at the right time with the right colours matching with your attire.


You can tell whether a man is neat by just looking at how well polished his shoes are. Polish you shoes well with a good shoe polish. If your shoes are well polished and well kept it is another way of saying you are particular about cleanliness. Your shoes need not be very expensive.

Expensive Clothes

And you can buy expensive clothes but what matters most is the care you take of them and how you wear them. Your clothes should be well turned out and well matched. Do not have that shrieking combination of navy blue trousers, yellow shirt and red socks in white shoes. This will not work. Feed well and do sufficient body exercises because it is your good body that will bring a better effect on your personal beauty.

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