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Philips QG3340 / 16 Multigroom Set Review

Updated on December 10, 2014

If you are looking for a perfectly styled body from head to toe, the Philips QG3340 Multigroom set is just the perfect tool for you. It comes with a three-day beard detail comb as well as a wide trimmer for the neck, sideburns and chin.

In addition to the beard comb that has 18 length settings, there is a Detail Trimmer for precise lines and small parts. It also has a nose trimmer for those delicate and tricky hairs.

After years of using body groomers, I am surprised at how many accessories the Philips QG3340 Multigroom set has. My former device only had a shaving head and a few plastic attachments for each desired hair length.

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Philips QG3340 Multigroom Shaver
Philips QG3340 Multigroom Shaver | Source

Philips QG3340 Features & Specifications

The Philips QG3340 Multigroom Set comes with the following features as standard part of the delivery:

  • Three-day beard detail comb
  • Wide trimmer for neck, chin and sideburns
  • Beard comb with 18 length settings
  • 20mm Detail Trimmer for lines and small parts
  • Nose hair trimmer
  • Bodygroom shaver for a smooth shave below the neck and body hair with 10 length settings
  • Skin-friendly trimmer blade for a gentle shave of face and neck
  • Fully waterproof for easy cleaning
  • 50 minutes battery mode after just 1 hour of charging
  • Turbo Power button for quick results

I have had the Philips QG3340 for a year now and all I can say is that it a good product. Originally, I had bought the razor for my three-day beard and would like to give a small summary of my experience with the shaver.

Philips QG3340 Multigroom Set comes with a number of useful components
Philips QG3340 Multigroom Set comes with a number of useful components | Source

Delivery & First Impression

In addition to the two razor heads, the shaver comes with various attachments, nose hair trimmer, foil shear head, travel bag and of course a charger. The first impression of the device was very good-it has a robust design that is quite impressive.

With the wide range of features of the device, it will take you at least two or three tries to completely get the hang of it. I normally keep a two-day beard and this means that I rarely change the setting of the shaver. So far, I have been able to use the device without any restrictions or limitations.

However, the charging time of the shaver is relatively long. In addition to this, the operating time at full charge is also relatively short as compared to other shavers I have used in the past. This means that if you are going on vacation for more than a few days, you will have to carry the charger lest you run out of charge in the middle of shaving.

The Philips QG3340 is best suited for intricate styling of beards
The Philips QG3340 is best suited for intricate styling of beards | Source

Philips QG3340 Cutting Result

The required length is attained through individually adjustable blades which handles the contours of the face effortlessly. I mostly use the wide shaver head with the comb which can be adjusted to the smallest length.

So far, I have had no skin irritation or any other complaints when using the shaver. The device gives a very precise shave and you will attain the desired length within a very short time.

Even when it comes to the nose trimmer, I did not have any problem. For me, the Philips QG3340 is a daily companion that I cannot miss to use. The only negative point is the relatively long charging time in relation to the short operating time.

I was looking for a product that give me freedom when styling my beard in an easy and quick way- the QG3340 has exceeded all my expectations. Whether you have a stubble or narrow beard, with the Multigroom set, you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to styling. The shaver can easily read the contours of the face without a problem.

Philips QG3340 Pros & Cons

I have reserved any negative comments that I have about the shaver for the last part of my review because I do not think they are serious enough to warrant a no buy recommendation from me.

First I will summarize the positive points:

  • Very simple and ease to handle
  • Individual shear components give a precise shave
  • Possibility of multiple settings
  • High quality comb attachments
  • Fits comfortably in the hand
  • Contour fitting results in clean and accurate shave
  • Quiet and strong

The mini-shave attachment, though it easily removes stubble, is a little challenged when it comes to removing hairs in curved areas of the face.

The negative comments I have about the Philips QG3340 are as follows:

  • Nose hair trimmer appears a little dangerous- but it is not (it is just the appearance)
  • Lack of battery level indicator
  • Weak storage box
  • Cloth bag makes the device feel cheap when it really isn’t
  • Shaving heads hold poorly in the pre-punched holes

The turbo button reminds me of my immersion blender. Actually, you have to keep it constantly pressed so as to get the right performance. With a lack of battery charge level indicator, it is possible to find yourself unable to shave in the morning. This is because unlike in other shavers, you can shave both in battery mode and with the cable connected. Presumably this was done for security reasons so as to prevent the possibility of electrocution- so I will dwell on that point.

The best feature of the Philips Multi-groom QG3340 is that it is completely waterproof. Especially in the shower at maximum water level, one need not worry – you can clean the shaving head under the shower.


Overall, the Philips QG3340 Multigroom shaver is a well-designed product that performs well at a fair price. Despite the few negative comments above, I do find that the shaver delivers what it promises.

In short, the price-performance ratio of the shaver is above average and any short-comings of the device such as the missing battery charge level indicator can be forgiven.


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