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Philips RQ1175 / 16 SensoTouch Shaver Series 7000 Review

Updated on February 23, 2015

Going for a model that does not come with a cleaning station makes sense as the operational costs are quite high. Cleaning under running water and the occasional use of cleaning sprays such as the HQ110 is good enough to keep the Philips RQ1175 rotary shaver in tip-top condition.

The following are the most important advantages of the RQ1175/16 SensoTouch Shaver:

  • Good workmanship
  • Sleek design
  • Very comfortable to hold in the hand
  • Smooth shave
  • Thorough shave, both wet and dry
  • 3 years warranty

If you are not keen on wet shaving, you will be convinced otherwise after using this shaver as the result is rather impressive. You may however have to do so on weekends as it takes a rather long time to complete the shave.

Its design looks very sleek and of high quality. That might be a very good reason to buy the device as it looks very good in the bathroom and takes up little space.

The battery last around 60 minutes, which is a good thing especially when you are travelling because you can complete your shave without the device losing power. Charging is simple and fast through the supplied charging unit.

For those who cannot decide between the Philips RQ1175 Sensotouch 2D and 3D, the cheaper 2D is highly recommended. In the 2D, the three shaving heads are not individually movable like in the 3D. This means that they cannot individually press down on the skin. This is actually not at all necessary as with a stronger press the shaver works just fine.

For lighter movements, it sufficient that the blades tend to bend inward to conform to the contours. So for those who find the $195 price tag for the 3D too steep, getting the SensoTouch 2D for $130 does look like an attractive bargain.

Philips RQ1175 SensoTouch Shaver
Philips RQ1175 SensoTouch Shaver | Source

Philips RQ1175 SensoTouch Shaver Specifications

  • GyroFlex 2D contour adjustment for optimum adaptation to individual facial features and a perfect shave
  • Aquatec wet & dry seal for smooth dry shave or a skin-friendly wet shaving gel or foam
  • SkinGlide reduces irritation caused by shaving a smooth, low-friction, simple and thorough shave
  • Only one hour of charging for a service life of a whole 60 minutes
  • Included in the delivery: SensoTouch RQ1175 shaver 2D / 16, in folding stand, luxurious storage case, cleaning brush, protective cap, attachable Styler

The contour matching system used in the 11 series shavers ensures that you can shave with very little pressure as the shaving head always follows the contours of the skin surface. Both short stubble and long hairs are easily tackled using the “Super Lift & Cut system”.

As the name suggests, flat lying hair is raised and then cut at the nearest point to the root. In addition, the Philips RQ1175- like all models in the 11 series – is waterproof and can be used not only as a dry shaver but also as a wet shaver.

Philips RQ1175 Full body Trimmer
Philips RQ1175 Full body Trimmer | Source

The equipment

The Philips RQ1175 comes with some useful accessories. In addition to the folding stand that is used for storage as well as a charging station, there is a chic bag for travelling, a cleaning brush, protective cap for the blade and an attachable long hair trimmer in the box.

One disadvantage is that one must carry an additional attachment especially when travelling. However, the detachable Philips Styler counters this small disadvantage by giving an absolutely convincing performance.

The shaver itself has an attractive and quite unusual design. At the back there is a display which provides information on the status of the battery by means of 5 LED lights. The battery is fully charged after an hour and can last up to 50 minutes in operation.

Like all shavers with the SensoTouch technology, the Philips RQ1175 has shaving caps above the shaving heads that protect the skin from the rotating blades. This provides less friction and protects the skin from redness, irritation and other damage.

Test Results - gentle on the skin

The unique design of the Philips RQ1175 is top notch and belies the fact that the shaver costs less than $200. It has a glossy finish and feels good and heavy in the hand. Its long hair trimmer is definitely one of the best if not the best among electric trimmer.

The pinnacle of the RQ1175’s performance is definitely the full hair clipper. Where other shavers have reached their limits in long hair trimming of sideburns or the upper beard, Philips has just begun.

It does very well for delicate work on areas such as the eyebrows or ears. It is also suitable for the large surfaces – be it the beard, head or body, the RQ1175 supports everything. The connected comb can be set at different lengths depending on the hair size. All in all, the long-hair trimmer performs very well and there is little to complain about here.

Though the cradle of the shaver does have its place and is tidy, it also has the disadvantage that you have to carry it around when travelling in order to charge your shaver when needed. The included case is however made for the road and there is nothing to worry about here.

What is more striking about this shaver compared to others that have been reviewed here is its strikingly low noise.

Since the RQ1175 is waterproof, cleaning under running water is possible and this can save you time and money when you consider the cost of cleaning cartridges for the stations. Another advantage is that the shaver can be used as a wet shaver under the shower or in the tub.


The Philips RQ1175 is a good rotary shaver that is worth its price. It gives a satisfactory shave and is does not give out loud noises like many shavers. But the real killer is the fact that one also gets a full trimmer which is a bargain at its current price.

It may appear like over-selling the shaver, but it scores high points in all areas that matter in a shaver: battery life, price-performance ratio, quality of shave and of course affordability.


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