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Picking out good diamond cuts for your jewelry

Updated on July 13, 2011

Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. Nearly all of us love buying diamond jewelry and understanding about diamond cuts will help to make the choices we make even better. A diamonds cut is not its shape, rather this feature defines other proportions like its depth and width, and uniformity of the various faces of the diamond and so on to give it the clarity and beauty it has. This is a very important factor that determines the price of the diamonds you buy. There are a number of cuts in the market like emerald cut, round cut, pear cut etc.

When diamond cut is done with the highest quality standards adhered to, it gives the stones the brilliant shine that makes them so desirable and popular. The finish and angles of a diamond make it more expensive and desirable to people. If it is cut too shallow then the light that enters the stone leaves it soon making it shine in a dull way. This takes away from the look and life of the stone and can really reduce the quality of the diamond you buy. If it is cut too deep, then the light again is not in proportion and gives the stone a darker hue. It is important to get a good diamond cut to ensure that you get maximum brilliance.

When diamonds are exposed to light, they produce a sparkly effect many a time. This is called a scintillating effect and it comes from the faces being well polished and ideally cut. With proper symmetry between facets in diamond cuts you can have maximum shine and shimmer to your stone and people will definitely be sighing in envy. Picking a reliable jewelry is important when buying diamonds as you will be able to get high quality that way.

A lot of diamonds are available in the market. There are many different diamond cuts, carat value, colors and clarity that is available. Spending some time understanding how each of these factors can affect the price and quality of your buy will enable you to make the best choices for your needs. Ask questions when you are buying diamonds and pick a jeweler who has an established reputation in the field of diamonds. Clarify your queries about the various C’s, cut, clarity, color and carat value beforehand. Look for multiple pieces and compare costs to get the best possible one for your budget.


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